Infosys Product IoT services provide innovative solutions and services for smart connected products by efficient analysis of information and data collected from IoT devices. The agile and proactive approach allows enterprises to be ahead of the competition, explore newer revenue streams and stay relevant to the consumers.

Infosys has a robust ecosystem of alliances and partnerships with hyperscalers for cloud platform engineering. Partnership with telecom operators ensures ubiquitous mobility and connectivity services.


How we can help

Helping enterprises innovate through creation of smart connected products and services

We can help build technology accelerators to enable faster adoption of SDN and 5G

Enhance customer experience through connected products

Amplify customer experience through extreme personalization, consistent, seamless and immersive experiences across all devices

We can help enterprises with Smart Network Assurance

Asset health monitoring and tracking

Infosys fleet management solution and location-based services allows for real-time data collection on asset location and monitoring key performance indicators on the asset.

We provide dynamic service and slice management solution for 5G

Generate insights from the IOT data

Enable cost savings through intelligent products and prediction algorithms on operations and support

Our Offerings

Discover a range of solutions & services to transform end user experiences