As the number of smart multimedia device users and the adoption of a digital lifestyle grow, there is a need for rapid innovation and personalized services in the consumer services space. This need opens several opportunities.

Recent events will trigger the adoption of IoT technology to sense pathogens in the environment, detect infections and provide tactile feedback to enable better hygiene through advanced wearable technologies. Governments and enterprises will enhance preparedness to address existing and future concerns by monitoring environments and individuals while accounting for privacy. IoT, coupled with AI/ML mechanisms, when used to connect seemingly unrelated events, will be a powerful tool in preventive and preemptive measures.

The real-time data collected from connected devices and smart connected consumer products can generate insights and provide personalized information and services to the consumers. Smart homes, connected vehicles (cars, construction equipment, commercial vehicles, agriculture equipment), wellness and fitness through wearables, smart retail and smart farming are a few examples of how businesses can achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

Infosys Product IoT services provide innovative solutions and services for smart connected products by efficient analysis of information and data collected from IoT devices. The agile and proactive approach allows enterprises to be ahead of the competition, explore newer revenue streams and stay relevant to the consumers.

Infosys has a robust ecosystem of alliances and partnerships with hyperscalers for cloud platform engineering. Partnership with telecom operators ensures ubiquitous mobility and connectivity services.

Infosys Product IoT offerings

Consulting and Advisory Services:

  • Customer experience design and value realization
  • Market study, competitive product analysis and product advisory services
  • Product and technology roadmap definition
  • Program, product and operations management

Platform Conceptualization and Engineering:

  • Telematics platform engineering
  • Connected services development through service integration
  • Scalable, highly available and reliable platform
  • Information and data security compliant to laws and regulations/li>
  • Open architecture, flexible, hyper scaler architecture agnostics platform design
  • Augmented data analytics through advanced AI/ML to monetize the information and data

Customized Device Engineering Services:

  • Customization of IoT devices/sensors
  • Mechatronics product engineering for innovative design
  • Automotive ECU, TCU, and VCU design and development, head unit application and middleware engineering

Integration Services:

  • Open and API based integration to 3rd party service and information providers
  • Application life cycle management

Infosys IP and solutions for reduced time to deploy:

  • Location based services, gamification platform, fleet management platform and ADAS platform
  • Ecosystem of partners with proven technology
  • Ready to deploy solutions