Case Study

IOT driven digital transformation for a Capital Goods Producer

A leading equipment manufacturer for the agriculture, commercial and construction industries planned to advance the development of the next generation of smart connected vehicles.

The client’s vision was to have a common service delivery platform to connect multiple vehicles from different lines of business and brands, and leverage this connected platform to provide numerous business services for their customers, dealers and external partners leading to newer revenue streams.

Key Challenges

  • Supporting heterogeneous devices including legacy and 3rd party devices
  • Need for multiple internal and external system integrations including supporting legacy applications
  • Need to support different integration protocols and multiple data formats
  • Bi-directional Cloud-2-Cloud data sharing with external data platforms
  • Program managing multiple internal and external teams with different velocity, maturity and processes

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The Solution

Architected and developed a connected IoT platform

  • Provided consulting services to assess the AS-IS business processes, architecture, technology stack and organization readiness
  • Strategized the TO-BE platform architecture, business roadmap and execution
  • Helped clients via interactive decision making for Buy vs Build decision on the core IOT Platform
  • Implemented core platform functionalities while successfully executing platform architecture and system integration design
  • Provided flexible platform integrations for internal and external systems and applications
  • Focused program management for end-to-end planning and execution of Service Delivery Platform by coordinating with the client’s vendors/partners
  • Developed industry specific services for agriculture businesses including development of APIs for integration by external partners

Iterative approach to build platform capabilities

  • Defined the Minimum Viable product (MVP) along with business leaders and product owners to identify core functionalities
  • Soft launch of key functionalities in limited markets ensuring backward compatibility
  • Developed a IoT platform dashboard for internal teams to visualize process flows and perform asset management activities
  • Partner identification and integration with external platforms to enable a connected ecosystem for the customer


Core platform with safety and security service

Seamless business transformation from traditional businesses of ‘OEM-Dealer’, ‘Dealer-Farmer’ and ‘Farmer-Agronomist’ to an integrated ‘OEM-Dealer-Farmer-Agronomist’ connected ecosystem

A device simulator was built to test vehicle-device communication

Provision for creation of next-gen services leveraging a common connected service delivery platform

Launched the cloud telematics platform with rich analytics and reporting capability

Significant reduction of cost and newer revenue stream opportunities for dealers and customers

Core platform with safety and security service

Real-time monitoring, data sharing and analysis led to improved productivity and yield for farmers