As a result of a large- scale merger, one of the biggest utility companies in Europe, which primarily focuses on energy networks and energy infrastructure and provides innovative solutions for 50 million customers, faced an immediate need for unified workplace solution that could offer its 80,000+ users a secure and seamless hybrid work experience.

Instead of taking the traditional route of migrating and integrating all resources of the newly acquired company with the existing on-premises solutions, they recognized this as a timely and unique opportunity to create a next-gen, truly hybrid modern workplace, reimagining the employee experience by leveraging the power of the cloud.

Key Challenges

The merger of two large entities, created an urgent need for solutions that could drive seamless collaboration for the teams as well as harmonize the disparate IT infrastructures:

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Technology challenges:

  • Disparate workplace technologies
  • Conservative security posture
  • Non-Microsoft identity solution and complex integration with application
  • Built for work from office and not hybrid ready

Workforce challenges:

  • Limited hybrid work experience
  • Inconsistent collaboration experience-different tools being used, like Skype and teams
  • Maintaining productivity during harmonization
  • Adoption of digital culture

Process challenges:

  • Multiple standards and support processes
  • Third-party contracts aligned for post Covid scenario
  • Process unification
  • IT cost optimization

Infosys, with a deep understanding of enterprise needs, partnered with Microsoft to set up a Modern Hybrid Workplace for the client, leveraging the Modern Endpoint Management and Security capabilities of Microsoft365.


The Solution

Infosys, in partnership with Microsoft, greatly influenced the work, workplace and workforce experience, by building a next-gen truly hybrid workplace with specialized focus on modern workplace. Infosys proposed a blueprint-based approach for the new workplace environment. This approach ensured a methodical track-wise design and implementation of:

  • Identity – this track focused on replacing traditional Ping Identity with synchronization of both entity user-objects into the target Microsoft Azure AD (AAD). Furthermore, the design and implementation enabled Azure AD Connect for user, device, and password sync, enabling SSO, password self-service and conditional access
  • Windows 11 and device management – this program's core track allowed for the creation and implementation of device independent Experiences that focused on:
    • Windows 11 and 10 device provisioning and lifecycle management – using Microsoft Intune, autopilot-based deployment, redefining the IT request process and extensive testing
    • Application distribution – leveraging windows Intune company portal to enable the self-servicing capability to enable digital culture
    • Windows servicing – leveraging WUfB, factory default image
    • Proactive insights – with Windows analytics and Nexthink
  • Tenant- to- tenant collaboration workload migration – migration of O365 Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and project to target environment
  • Application – analyzing and rationalizing the users and associated applications of both companies and migrating to Intune leveraging Infosys Packaging Factory
  • Endpoint Security based on Zero Trust to enable secure hybrid work with a focus on -
    • Defining baseline policies and security controls based on a blueprint, considering the experience of hybrid and remote working employees, while avoiding porting of legacy GPO
    • Endpoint Protection with MS Defender
    • Device encryption with AAD integrated bitlocker
    • Passwordless authentication with WHfB, FIDO2 & MFA
    • VPN-less remote access that leverages existing Zscalar investments
  • User change management – a dedicated user-adoption team worked to provide enablement, training, and knowledge sharing to ensure a sustained positive experience.


Modern Workplace experience

  • Cloud-first and cloud native solutions
  • Modern devices, applications & security for hybrid work
  • Maximize investment of M365
  • Improved IT efficiencies
  • Zero Trust based security

Modern Workforce experience

  • Device independent experience
  • Simplify IT experience
  • Maximize experience for productivity and Innovation
  • Enable self-service capabilities
  • Driving digital cultural change and adoption


With great focus on human-centric experience, we are continuing to deliver a successful workplace transformation that promotes agility, resilience, and constantly enhanced experience for all the stakeholders.

Cloud-first and native:
enabling the workforce to leverage the flexibility offered by the M365 solutions, which ensures that they can work securely and seamlessly, agnostic of place, time, and device

Enhancing end-user experience:
the unified and modernized platform provides a workplace environment with freedom of device and a choice of platform to work with ease and simplicity

Driving digital culture shifts:
best -in- class workplace enabled the adoption of the digital mindset.This, in turn is driving the user experience through access to self-service and self-help

Cost optimization:
the multiple tangible benefits that the enterprise is experiencing includes improved IT efficiency, low security risks and efficient utilization of licenses translating to lower harmonization cost.

Increased operational efficiencies:
through our automation with reduced turnaround cycle time