Organizations today are no longer constrained by the choice of API platforms and hosting services. It is now common for enterprises to use multiple API gateway products and integration technologies across various lines of business as well as for services hosted across on-premises, private cloud, or other cloud platforms. This creates challenges in maintaining a central API catalog of all enterprise APIs and limits collaboration options with partners. In addition, several enterprises face challenges in governing how APIs and integrations are implemented and managed across the lifecycle.

To overcome these challenges, there is a need for an automated and governed platform for standardized API implementation across the lifecycle. This must be supported by an API marketplace to centrally publish all enterprise APIs for better visibility and collaboration with different stakeholders.

Infosys API Marketplace

Infosys API Marketplace is a comprehensive platform to help enterprises automate and govern their API implementation along with the backend service definitions. The platform also helps easily set up an API marketplace where all stakeholders across the API lifecycle can come together to implement, consume, and collaborate. It provides pre-built industry sandboxes for several standards such as BIAN, FHIR, TmForum to cater to enterprises across different domains. This offering has been developed based on our extensive experience in the API management space spanning several years along with best practices from over 200 implementations for different clients.

Infosys API Marketplace – a seamless API lifecycle governance and API marketplace solution


Key Features:

  • API lifecycle automation
  • API governance
  • Integrated custom API developer portal with self service
  • API Marketplace
  • API product migration
  • Multi-cloud and multi-API platform support
  • Pre-built industry catalog & sandbox for BIAN, FHIR, TmForum etc.


  • Ability to set up an API and integration center of excellence in days
  • More than 50% effort savings in API implementation through governed processes
  • More than 30% cost savings through standardization and automation
  • More than 75% reduction in defects through pre-built rules and workflows
  • Full custom portal without any lock-in
  • Central API catalog irrespective of how services / APIs are implemented within the enterprise
  • Marketplace to collaborate with partners to offer joint API products and plans to consumers

Challenges & Solutions

Pre-built and pre-defined:

  • API standards and best practices
  • Common frameworks
  • API templates
  • Rules and workflows
  • CI/CD pipelines

  • Design quality check before development
  • Pre-defined forms to capture API requirements
  • Capture details up-front for publishing and making APIs more intuitive to consumers

  • User interface based self-service workflows to use for publishers
  • Review and approval workflows with inbox for quality checks
  • Pre-defined automation tools across API lifecycle for implementation

  • Custom API developer portal
  • Rich search and tagging capabilities for easy discovery
  • Multi-level hierarchy for API catalog