Organizations are adopting futuristic modes of operation and transforming to take advantage of a modern technology landscape. Legacy integration middleware often proves a hindrance to technology modernization, due to its monolithic architecture, challenges in cloud migration, and limited range of modern package connectors

In this context, there is often a need to migrate a large and complex existing integration landscape into a modern, web scale and cloud-ready integration suite such as MuleSoft. Middleware migration requires careful assessment, planning and execution to minimize business impact and maximize the value derived from the new platform.

MuleSoft Migration Suite by Infosys

Infosys has developed a comprehensive MuleSoft migration solution called MuleSoft Migration Suite by Infosys. The solution has been developed based on extensive experience that includes over 50 MuleSoft implementations across leading application integration platforms.

MuleSoft Migration Suite by Infosys built on MuleSoft platform

  • Unleashing digital transformation with a strategic, API-Led connectivity landscape
  • Enabling solutions with superior quality, observability, and performance
  • Managed, de-risked migration journey
  • Accelerated migration and quicker legacy sunset

MuleSoft Migration Suite by Infosys is a seamless migration solution that helps organizations benefit from:

  • Accelerated platform set-up
  • Agile solution workbench
  • Streamlined operations
  • Automated validation

Challenges & Solutions

  • Paradigm shift from ESB to API
  • Loosely coupled
  • Segregation of Responsibility with 3-Tier API Architecture
  • Design first Approach

  • Exchange enables discovery, collaborative development
  • Industry-leading Developer Portal capabilities