Partner Speak: Infosys and Salesforce – Making enterprises more competitive with AI + Data + CRM

Monish Sharma, Director of Partner Alliances at Salesforce, share his thoughts on how the strategic partnership between Salesforce and Infosys will help enterprises become more competitive and profit-oriented with Generative AI solutions.


Hi, my name is Monish Sharma. I'm the director of Partner Alliances and a ‘boomerang’ at Salesforce. I manage the Global System Integration Partners. My core background is technology operations as well as business development. When you look at the partner ecosystem, we really think of Infosys as a strategic partner for us, given their capabilities in innovation, in their customer relationships and the overall talent base that they manage.

Our ambition at Salesforce is to grow beyond the $50 billion revenue mark. The way, we believe, we can get there is to leverage the artificial intelligence – Gen AI revolution that we are currently embarking on. Six months ago, this was a new concept. But very quickly, it is about to become mainstream. And this is what Dreamforce 2023 is about.

It is about the AI+Data+CRM mantra. And we believe that partners such as Infosys help us drive that story with our customers, with our joint customers. Infosys has 2000 plus enterprise customers and coupled with their enterprise customers and our penetration of our solutions with our customers, we believe, we can drive that journey forward for our customers to really get them to adopt generative AI solutions and make their businesses more competitive and disruptive to their competitors as well as make it more profit oriented.

We believe that the way forward with this is through partners such as Infosys. And if you look at our partner ecosystem, we believe that Infosys covers the three key pillars of innovation, customer relationship, and the talent base. We are overly excited about Infosys’ position in generative AI with their Topaz framework, which was recently announced, and their successful win with Liberty Global.

We are also extremely excited about driving that innovation with their customer relationships across the enterprise accounts and being part of that conversation to drive the Salesforce generative AI solutions. And this is going to be a talent war. We believe that the innovation requires human capital to make it real. That means leveraging the 330,000 plus Infosys employees, last number of which are credentialed over 20,000, I believe, and over 8000 certified individuals on the Salesforce platform to drive that message with the customers and to showcase the art of the possible generative AI capabilities.

So, we are excited about the partnership with Infosys. We believe that we are just at the very beginning of this journey with our customers around generative AI. But we believe that this is the revolution that is going to drive the future. And we are extremely excited to partner with Infosys.