Infosys Energy Management Solution, part of Infosys Cobalt, takes Utility process areas and Salesforce technology mapping as baseline to conceptualize the energy consumption trend and scope emission view by different commodities; and helps with possible remediation reducing carbon footprints and improving the energy economy.

    It is an umbrella solution that currently includes:

  • Trend analysis and guidance based on energy usage dimensions and consumption by different commodities thereby giving opportunities to assess DER players offerings and the benefits that they provide in deregulated market.
  • Commodity and Non-Commodity product configuration & pricing and display in the interaction journey
  • Encourage consumer to move from Fossil to Non-Fossil fuel and modify their usage pattern considering demand side management (DSM) offerings thereby maintaining the grid demand-supply balance, and cross selling for better environment control.

Energy economy, Carbon footprint reduction, Grid optimization and demand supply management


Challenges & Solutions

Digital transformation to showcase tangible industry outcome by evaluating the economical and environment friendly supplier

Encourage/motivate consumer to change their consumption pattern improving grid demand supply balance, promotion/discount and cross selling leading to customer satisfaction and better environment

Integrate Net Zero solution to showcase energy charter and emission views at different level