Infosys Patient Care Solution, part of Infosys Cobalt, is a patient digital toolkit and health provider services framework meant for improving patient and provider interaction while seamlessly managing the access services and system of patient engagements in the hospital.

The solution entails industry use cases around the Patient Admission and Revenue Management (PARM) and Patient Access Service Management (PASM) – Patient provider engagement platform managing access and ancillary services.

Functionalities Covered in the Solution

  • Emergency Care Services
  • Patient Access Management
  • Patient Creation Management
  • Patient Discharge Management
  • Patient Consultation Management
  • Ancillary Service Management
  • Clinical Services (In-Patient/Out-Patient)
  • Discharge and Settlement

Transforming hospital experience by means of engaging patient provider interaction leading to total healthcare digitization

  • Patient provider digital interaction and tracking using single console
  • Easy registration and hassle-free admission and discharge
  • Evaluation of services and unit alignment for speedy recovery
  • Digital co-ordination for the benefits availed during stay in hospital

Challenges & Solutions

Patient interaction journey using common system of engagement and digital interaction platform

Unified control over various patient care services and resolution

System interoperability and digital co-ordination amongst various parties and channels