Why embrace evolutionary Architecture?

Despite our best efforts as Salesforce Architects, Salesforce architectures always tend to become more complex over time. As the complexity of the ecosystem increases, parts of the applications become more inflexible to change over time. How do we avoid this pitfall and embrace evolution architecture to make our IT ecosystem future proof?

The answer lies in Governance @ Source - AgilePro, part of Infosys Cobalt, is a next generation enterprise agility platform which provides governance @ Source and focuses on automation, risk assessment and predictability. AgilePro enables large enterprises to realize the benefits of smart development platform on salesforce by facilitating seamless collaboration among stake holders from ideation to production, focusing on improving the predictability and quality of delivery process, and minimizing risk.

Key component of AgilePro:

  • Gamification platform- Gamification platform enables to build a self-managed team and track the gamified output of the development team
  • Smart release planner- AgilePro has a built-in Smart Release planner which enables you plan and manage your agile releases.
  • Automation & DevOps- Automation is one of the key focus areas of AgilePro, where the complete delivery pipeline starting from Development to Production deployment can be automated through our virtualized DevOps2.0 kit
  • Quality risk assessment- AgilePro‚Äôs advance scanner can provide you a detailed quality risk assessment and checks if the Salesforce best practices are followed in your Development
  • Sand box management- Sandbox Manager module helps to maximize the ROI on sandbox investment, by offering a one-stop shop application for managing all sandboxes in one place
  • License manager- Track your licenses and usage patterns of the users using AgilePro License management
  • TCO calculator- A planning module which helps you plan your salesforce investments and calculate the total cost of ownership of the ecosystem
  • App care+- An impact assessment module which enables you track, diagnose and tailor the changes to your Salesforce org
  • Probuddy- AgilePro has an intelligent AI based Chatbot which guides the developer for the next action.
Infosys AgilePro - Enterprise Application Development Platform

Challenges & Solutions

  • Reduce technical debt and maintenance overheads of connected orgs
  • Export code coverage details with a single click for offline consumption and planning
  • Enables easy reporting and prediction of potential bottlenecks post every release

  • Help organizations track their ROIs on sandbox purchases
  • Manage and track their investments in licenses
  • Track history of sandbox refresh cycle

  • Simplified Gamified output of the team
  • A unified release planning and change management application
  • Extensible adaptors to integrate to external release planning applications

  • Virtualized delivery pipeline and Salesforce automated testing and deployment
  • Extensible full build and incremental build options
  • Application care and one-click customization