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Infosys is an experienced Salesforce Global Strategic and Summit Partner operating under three brands – Simplus, Fluido, and Infosys – that bring exceptional expertise and innovation through the platform to clients across the world.

Infosys offers services globally and has reinforced its capabilities and offerings in driving outstanding customer experiences, bolstered further by local presence in Europe, with Fluido and in North America and Australia, with Simplus.

We leverage innovative multi-cloud solutions and unique industry-specific IPs to tailor our services to each organization. And, with over 5,000 consultants and a steadily high CSAT score, we have both the quantity and quality to support your organization’s Salesforce-related digital transformation objectives.

Reimagine customer and human experience
Reimagine customer and human experience 
Upgrade architecture and program strategy
Upgrade architecture and program strategy 
Robust platform implementation
Robust platform implementation 
Future-proof organizational change management
Future-proof organizational change management 
Get data and analytics/systems integration
Get data and analytics/systems integration 
Benefit from managed services
Benefit from managed services 

Who We Are

Infosys Salesforce service offerings deliver superior experience to your customers, employees, and partners. We leverage innovative multi-cloud solutions, part of Infosys Cobalt, and modern technologies like AI/ML to help accelerate the enterprise digital transformation and cloud journey. With proven domain expertise, we consistently reinforce our capabilities and offerings to drive outstanding customer experiences. The acquisition of Fluido, Simplus and BlueAcorn iCi is one such example.

Simplus is the #1 Salesforce partner in the US and Australia. It includes a team of 600 experts representing 17 nationalities and 20 languages on four continents, more than 2,000 clients, and a high CSAT score. At Simplus, we are advisory-led and industry-focused. We provide multi-cloud solutions and enterprise-wide digital transformation through advisory, implementation, change management, custom configuration, and strategic managed services

Fluido is the #1 Salesforce Summit Partner in Europe. It is also an official Salesforce training partner and a member of the Salesforce Global Advisory Board for Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, Field Service, and the Platform. With 450+ multinational experts across Europe, Fluido helps organizations reach their strategic goals and create outstanding customer experiences using Salesforce technology.


Blue Acorn iCi is the leading independent digital customer experience company. They work with executives responsible for the growth of Fortune 500 brands (and those who aspire to enter the Fortune 500!) who want to get more out of their digital customer experience. Through the strategic fusion of content management, commerce & analytics, Blue Acorn iCi’s teams solve problems and deliver results leveraging deep expertise in strategy, experience design, engineering, and DTC services.

We enable our clients to achieve process simplification, process harmonization, actionable and integrated cross functional dashboards, unified collaboration across all touchpoints in Customer Lifecycle; thus, going beyond simply deploying cloud experts. Rather, these cloud practitioners possess industry cloud expertise with a unique blend of both domain and technology knowhow. We have adopted a robust design thinking process in line with the SAFe Agile framework that is based on a trigger-to-synthesize process. Additionally, we are strengthening our position with various horizontal and vertical or industry-centric solutions.

Horizontal Solutions and Offerings

Industry-specific Solutions and Offerings:

Infosys, Simplus, and Fluido have a strong talent pool to support industry cloud implementations across sectors including automotive, communications, consumer goods, energy, engineering, construction and real estate, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, high tech, manufacturing, media and entertainment, public sector, retail, and travel and hospitality.

  • Manufacturing
  • Media and Communications
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Financial Services
  • High-tech
  • Public Sector and Education
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Higher Education

Manufacturers can leverage Infosys salesforce services to create cutting-edge omnichannel experiences for partners, distributors, suppliers, and end customers.

Some of our use cases include:

  • Implementing a full-force solution spanning multiple geographies
  • Accelerating productivity by simplifying key business processes
  • Automation for service agents
  • Standardization of data model across multiple business lines
  • Supporting global field service operations
  • Modernizing digital service platform
  • Enhancing the channel partner experience and enabling collaborative sales pipeline management

Infosys Digital Channel Partner Management – is a pre-configured multi cloud, centralized solution for onboarding, screening, managing, and retaining partners delivering seamless and unparalleled experience for partners.

The Simplus Manufacturing Partner Portal Bolt is a customizable branded CPQ portal built for manufacturing channel partners. Leverage the power of Salesforce CPQ to deliver streamlined processes, clean user interface, and guidance to make channel sales quick and easy.

Learn more about our quote-to-cash, service, and marketing solutions built specifically for the manufacturing industry.

Simplus Fluido

Infosys has strong credentials in the media and communications. Infosys enables its clients to envision and commission end-to-end platforms for digital transformation, involving diversified product portfolios and bundling of services such as network, security, wavelength, fiber, cloud, mobile, and more.

We work with clients on several use cases including:

  • Exploring, shopping, and buying using core commerce and digital commerce stack
  • Providing unified sales and service experience
  • Legacy modernization to Salesforce Communication Cloud
  • Portal and API-based order capturing along with order tracking via Experience Cloud
  • Enhancing commercial and technical order management
  • KCI handling, providing 360-degree view for customers and partners
  • Handling product definition/redefinition and complex services across multiple LoBs and enabling quote-to-cash journey
  • Third-party integration for BAN, services, orders, and customer accounts

Our communications and media solution offerings include rapid onboarding frameworks to jumpstart for quote-to-order and order-to-activate business processes. Design thinking/ prototyping, platform resilience/scalability assessment, asset migration frameworks, architecture, and advisory consulting, In-house tools and accelerators are unique to our packaged offering in this space.

Learn more about Infosys media and communications expertise:


Infosys Salesforce practice is a leader in bringing remarkable operational efficiency into healthcare and life sciences (HLS) businesses. With patient care as the focus, we help HLS organizations combat data threats and improve compliance.

Some of our use cases include:

  • Patient enrollment, seamless patient experience management
  • Utilizing EHR data more effectively.
  • Health Cloud Implementations
  • Vlocity Health Insurance Broker Portal implementation
  • Sales and service transformation expedited by leveraging CarePlus processes and templates

Infosys Vaccination Management (IVM) Salesforce Solution is an end-to-end offering for automating tasks, integrating data sources, and delivering a seamless vaccination program that offers supply chain visibility and future demand forecasting. Disparate healthcare systems have been unable to deliver expected outcomes during the unprecedented health crisis of COVID-19, but Infosys Vaccination Management can and does.

Infosys CarePlus is a pre-configured multi-cloud solution that includes Health Cloud. It leverages a care-as-a-service model that connects payers, providers, and members to build relationships and enable smart care management decisions. It provides various care management functions including wellness management, opioid management, diabetes management, geriatric care management, and palliative care management.

Learn more about healthcare and life science expertise:


Infosys Salesforce practice has worked with countless top-tier retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to elevate their brand experience and build customer loyalty through Salesforce.

Some of our use cases include:

  • Cross channel journey orchestration across all digital touch points
  • Campaign management solutions
  • Solutions enabling future planning of email campaigns
  • Email marketing and one-on-one personalized journeys
  • Abandoned cart management
  • Legacy modernization and consolidation of apps
  • Deeper insight to customer data, unlocking the potential for further development

Infosys Retail 360 – digitizes all sales rep activities and increases their productivity so they can focus more on cross-selling and up-selling initiatives. It is a pandemic-proof solution for both in-store and remote field sales execution capabilities.

Infosys Customer Advocacy Solution is a pre-configured multi-cloud solution for digital and social media marketing leveraging sales cloud, marketing cloud, and Google Analytics for streamlined consumer connect, behavioral targeting, campaign management, marketing effectiveness tracking, and social analytics.

Connect with us to learn more about setting up digital storefronts, next-gen e-commerce functionality, and increased sales with quote-to-cash.


Leading banks, loan providers, credit unions, and venture capital organizations are all pivoting to their customers with digitalization on every front. A key concern is compliance and secure data, which is critical for financial services institutions. Infosys is the chosen partner for global leading financial services organizations, helping them achieve quick value with a long-term success plan and salesforce continues to be at the forefront of this digital revolution.

Some of our use cases include:

  • Legacy modernization and integration
  • Financial services-specific requirements and data model creation
  • Capturing deal mandates and client insights
  • Capturing compliance-related information
  • Building security into solutions
  • Solutions to onboard customers rapidly
  • Process improvement around document management, loan origination management, credit analysis, and customer engagement

Infosys Salesforce offerings in the financial services space are further bolstered using Infosys Proton – a Salesforce-based Smart Customer Experience platform for Finacle (Infosys’ comprehensive banking suite) Banking and Wealth Management modules. Infosys Salesforce practice is the global implementation partner for nCino and achieved significant growth in nCino enablement, training, and certification areas.

We also have a strategic partnership with FinancialForce and are a preferred system integrator for GTM.


Stay at the forefront of digital innovation by increasing business agility and accelerating sales cycles with quote-to-cash support.

  • Add new revenue streams with ease
  • Improve revenue efficiency, avoid overly complex sales cycles, and deliver personalized experiences to your customers at speed and scale

The Simplus CPQ for High-Tech Bolt Solution is designed to help your channel partners get greater visibility and control of quoting and subscription management. Using our proprietary CPQ modules, your company can get a customized partner channel up and running quickly with advanced functionality, such as simplified promotion and rebate creation options

Learn more about our high-tech expertise


The Infosys Salesforce practice has been at the forefront bringing cloud solutions to the public sector and educational institutions. Equipped with key partnerships and ongoing innovation, we help these institutions leverage Salesforce for improved onboarding, retention, and community engagement on the issues that matter most.

Learn more about building a partner community with capabilities like digitized onboarding and enrollment, thereby driving engagement with dynamic data.

Infosys public sector Infosys education

For the Travel and Hospitality sector, providing an outstanding customer experience is more critical than ever. Infosys Salesforce practice provides industry-specific solutions that help travel and hospitality organizations:

  • Achieve a holistic view of the customer
  • Provide an omnichannel experience with a 360-degree view
  • Develop data-driven sales and marketing strategies

Universities are constantly looking for ways to thrive and differentiate in the digitized world. They are becoming more aware of the role technology plays in making them stand out. Universities have entered a hybrid era where they must contend with new generations of students with consumer-grade expectations for digital experience and an increased importance on private partnerships and industrial engagement.

Universities are constantly looking for ways to thrive and differentiate in the digitized world. They are becoming more aware of the role technology plays in making them stand out. Universities have entered a hybrid era where they must contend with new generations of students with consumer-grade expectations for digital experience and an increased importance on private partnerships and industrial engagement.

Infosys Salesforce Practice is well prepared to help clients navigate challenges and deliver the best-in-class customer experience. In the ANZ market, Infosys-Simplus was named's Partner of the Year for Education.

Our Higher Education solutions and offerings cater to personas such as – Partners, Alumni, Students and Prospects and ensure:

  • Empower Student Recruitment to Attract Top Talent
  • Build a Compelling Admissions Experience
  • Provide a Seamless Journey across the Student Lifecycle
  • Connect Physical and Digital Spaces for a Holistic Experience
  • Prioritize Proactive Student Support and Wellbeing across Channels
  • Strengthen Industry Engagement and Generate Sustainable Revenue
  • Foster a Thriving and Engaged Alumni Community
  • Leverage Data-Driven Insights for Strategic Action
Simplus Fluido

Simplify your Journey on any Cloud

We have certified expertise and years of experience across countless Salesforce clouds, partners, and applications.

Service, field service lightning, and loyalty

Service, field service lightning, and loyalty

Commerce and communities

Commerce and communities

Marketing and Pardot

Marketing and Pardot

Sales, CPQ, and billing

Sales, CPQ, and billing

Tableau and MuleSoft

Tableau and MuleSoft

KBMax, Tacton, Vlocity, ServiceMax, and Asset 360

KBMax, Tacton, Vlocity, ServiceMax, and Asset 360

Salesforce Value is Tailored to your Business Objectives

Salesforce Value is Tailored to your  Business Objectives

No matter what brand you work with, our mission is the same: We will accelerate the value journey through advisory-led, industry-focused digital transformation in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Our wide array of Salesforce services is delivered through our innovative enterprise-grade business platforms, AI accelerators, and several other assets. As a global team, we help customers operate as Live Enterprises through simplified Salesforce journeys that deliver results that matter.

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