Digital transformation is at the core of the IT strategy in every organization. So, what differentiates those companies where digital transformation programs are a success?

Organizations are moving from a product to a platform-based strategy to augment offerings and stimulate growth. As platform-based digital transformation evolves, enterprises adopt new digital business models by engaging with ecosystem partners to generate revenue. However, to identify new avenues, a connectivity platform for digital consumers and partners is the key.

Infosys Connected Marketplace

Infosys Connected Marketplace is a cloud-based marketplace solution with next-generation analytical capabilities. It helps organizations rapidly create platforms for marketplaces such as B2B marketplaces and API business platforms. It also features capabilities that address challenges related to integration, platform and connectivity.

Infosys Connected Marketplace built on serverless technologies has three layers:



Infosys Connected Marketplace is a serverless solution that helps organizations benefit from:

  • Faster time to value
  • Highly resilient and self-healing infrastructure
  • Predictable unit pricing
  • Lower maintenance needs and cost
  • Easy portability across regions

I. A marketplace layer to connect buyers with sellers

II. A partner collaboration and IT layer to link IT with the business

III. A management layer that offers control, governance, and insights across the stack


Challenges & Solutions

  • Offload the integration, platform, and connectivity challenges to Infosys
  • Infosys hosted & managed platform
  • Use Lego accelerators for faster time to market

  • Self-service partner onboarding
  • Portal for partner operations

  • Serverless, highly resilient and self-healing infrastructure
  • Predictable unit pricing