Infosys Azure Integrate Plus for B2B is an offering that provides a platform based approach for transition of legacy B2B and EDI landscape into a cloud-first, digital implementation on Azure. The offering is built on a solid foundation of self-service, customizable EDI, enhanced end to end visibility that will help enterprises meet business demands, and make B2B/EDI integration platforms a valuable lever for business transformation. For enterprises already using or considering Azure, this offering provides a powerful and simple jumpstart and acceleration for Azure Integration adoption, with a strong focus on developer experience simplification and automated, governed execution.

The platform based offering brings extreme agility to implementation of complex integration use cases.

  • Proven expertise in integration platform migration and iPaaS based integration strategy modernization
  • Platform based execution for highest productivity and guaranteed success
  • Decades of expertise in integration and B2B, including numerous global-scale migrations Leader in API Strategy and Delivery (Forrester Q2 2019) Close collaboration with Azure on AIS offering solution and GTM

Infosys Integrate Plus Platform for Azure

  • Jumpstart Kit for Azure Integration Platform Setup with 50% faster Time to Market.
  • Core Framework Components on Security, Universal Logging & other Cross-Cutting Concerns. Azure API Auto-Creator.
  • Pre-configured curated patterns aligning with AIS best practices recommended by Microsoft.
  • Infosys Azure Integration DevOps Package for streamlined automated execution eliminating manual plumbing activities
  • Intelligent SmartMap Tool to convert legacy transformation components.
  • Pre-Curated monitoring dashboard on Azure Insights for Business Activity Monitoring.

Challenges & Solutions

  • Managed iPaaS offerings, serverless implementations cut down investments
  • Reuse existing Cloud investments to jumpstart

  • A ‘plug and play’ agile integration platform that enables faster time to market
  • Self-service integration cuts waiting time, drives innovation

  • Infosys’ innovative pod scaling model continuously generates ready-to-deploy pod teams