This is a service offering that builds full suite Hybrid Integration Platform frameworks for clients, to address challenges such as heterogeneous landscapes, siloed regional operations, low consistency and compliance, and high cost of integration. The framework includes features such as dashboards for operational visibility, self-service integration configuration through GUI, automated failure recovery and message replay etc.

The most optimum route to “digital” that most enterprises take today is to build new capabilities on the cloud while operating legacy enterprise core on premise before gradually shifting the “center of gravity” towards cloud. This leads to a complex, heterogeneous integration landscape comprising of multiple cloud and on-premise systems further fueled by SaaS & PaaS adoptions.

At the same time, there is growing recognition of the importance of exposing business data and capabilities as APIs, to enable feature assetization, simplification and technology-agnostic connectivity between cloud ecosystem, enterprise apps and device-data connectivity.

Infosys hybrid integration platform offering helps meet the most significant digital and cloud integration challenges.

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Infosys hybrid integration platform offering helps meet the most significant digital and cloud integration challenges.

It is highly imperative for enterprises to overcome this integration impedance to allow them to embrace “Cloud-first” and “Api-first” strategies to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Enabling a hybrid integration platform helps meet all your digital and cloud integration challenges. A hybrid integration platform enables seamless connectivity, fast data sharing and interoperability between enterprise cloud, on-premise and SaaS applications.

The HIP offering can reduce integration development cost by over 50%, and reduce cycle time for integration delivery by 60%. Through suitable configurations, a zero-downtime platform can be realized.


Challenges & Solutions

  • A vendor neutral, flexible platform that allows enterprises to interoperate multiple “fit-for-purpose” integration solutions.
  • “Build-anywhere” & “deploy-anywhere” capabilities aided by multi-faceted connectivity options and dev-ops automation.
  • Allows enterprises to leverage the best of all ecosystems – SaaS, Cloud and On-premise.

  • A common enterprise wide platform that truly integrates “everything to everything” thereby insulating enterprise IT from digital pitfalls.
  • Enables an API and microservices led connectivity between different ecosystems on cloud and on-premise.
  • Enables low latency, rapid data sharing between ecosystems.

  • A pre-integrated, configurable platform to jumpstart your digitization journey
  • Factory model of integration development significantly improving enterprise agility and scale
  • Rapid “time-to-market” of new products, services or business change.

  • Allows enterprises to continue to leverage existing on-premise investments.
  • Significant optimizations in “DevOps Skill sets” and “TCO” of integration
  • Centralized control over federated’ integration platforms, delivering efficiencies like never before