With the explosion of mobility, IOT and other digitized interactions, it is imperative that we address customer experience such that context and meaning is not lost. For example, Diabetic patients should be provided life-style and health-related advice in the context of their typical day, and not generic broad brush advice.

The Infosys Fast and Linked Data solution offers capabilities of large scale data ingestion, inter-linking, and insight from IOT, mobile and other sources. Infosys has simplified these aspects for customers by providing a platform based approach, allowing a configuration-based capability to register, load, analyze and act. Our solutions leverage industry standard knowledge bases such as FIBO, schema.org and others, to frame a common vocabulary to query and interact with the platform. We have also deployed such solutions to cloud integration such as AWS and Azure.

Ingest, Interlink and Intersect massive scale of events, real time data streams across IOT/IIOT, AI/ML ecosystems and new technologies.


Challenges & Solutions

Capability to ingest large amounts of information

Incorporate context into data streams to make customer interactions meaningful

Actively link and infer from ingested data to arrive at actionable, meaningful insights