Assure security of your enterprise functions

Deliver assured security at scale by driving the enterprise mindset towards a secure-by-design architect at every stage of the business lifecycle. Minimize security risks while maximizing visibility of the security threat, impact and resolution with:


Infosys Cybersecurity enables your business to scale with assurance. By driving an enterprise mindset towards secure-by-design at every stage of the business lifecycle, we minimize security risks while maximizing visibility of the security threat, impact, and resolution. We also optimize cost and amplify reach while making your organization secure by scale. We continuously focus on innovating next-gen threat protection solutions in newer technologies to secure the future of your business.

We offer access to cutting-edge technologies by establishing an end-to-end security program with our service offerings that include governance risk and compliance, data privacy and protection, identity and access management, cloud security, cyber advisory services, emerging technologies, managed security services, threat detection and response, infrastructure security, and vulnerability management.

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To maintain a constant vigil over clients’ applications, networks and systems and to protect them from the ever-changing threat landscape, Infosys offers Managed Security Services (MSS) powered by ‘Cyber Next – the Infosys Cybersecurity Platform Ecosystem’. Cyber Next is a modern stack of commercial and open source technologies powered by in-house, home grown research and well tested IP and use cases. It is a suite of integrated ready-to-consume hosted platforms, supported by proprietary use cases, reporting, and analytics. Our MSS allow customers to attain swift maturity in their cybersecurity posture enabling compliance, effectiveness, resilience, and time-to-value. It presents an effective and efficient management of assets, incidents, threats, vulnerabilities, and risks with a unified view for quick decision making.

Cyber Next platforms allow customers to attain swift maturity in their cybersecurity posture by enabling compliance, resilience, and time-to-value with:

  • Cyber Gaze - platform that provides the CISO office with an end-to-end view on the cybersecurity metrics and facilitates identification of key concerns and improvement areas
  • Cyber Watch - Incident management portal for security monitoring, automated incident response, and orchestration
  • Cyber Compass - platform that provides a comprehensive view of all cybersecurity controls in the organization indicating the coverage, implementation status, and maturity level of each of these controls
  • Cyber Intel - Threat intel platform aggregates threat intelligence from different threat feeds
  • Cyber Hunt - Proactive threat hunting platform to find threats within the enterprise, powered by a home grown ‘data lake’
  • Cyber Scan - Infosys Cyber Scan provides automated DevSecOps (Secure by Design), Infrastructure Vulnerability Management, Application Security, ERP and Vulnerability Management

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