Every industry has a unique set of challenges and objectives. Transforming organizations into Live Enterprises with industry-specific solutions that are built with focused perspectives into the concerns of the industry not only solve their problems but bring innovation that meets their customer expectations. Some of our industry specific solutions:


Infosys Cortex2 is an AI solution designed to extract, understand, and provide insights and recommendations on the massive data collected by customer care centers. It unlocks the intelligence from every interaction and turns them into insights for the enterprise delivering value and exceptional customer experience.

Cortex2 uses the same data to simulate interactions for agents, perform deep analytics, and deliver real-time guidance to the agents so that they are better prepared to handle all customer interactions. This results in an improvement in customer satisfaction and agent performance. Both new and experienced agents are empowered with AI predictions, learning, and next best actions for better success. In short, Cortex2 is helping reimagine customer care operations by providing intelligence to aid better communication, smarter and faster decision-making, and delivering value at scale. Experienced humans create better human experiences.

This is a unified digital platform to model, manage, and optimize power grids with distributed energy resources, EVs, storage and also to enhance the experience of prosumers (consumers generating and using energy at will) and workforce. The platform helps utility planners take a robust approach to modelling and optimizing the network for futuristic demand growth considering various scenarios using:

  • Grid Modelling
  • Grid Management
  • Grid Resilience
  • Grid Optimization

Urban grid platform is designed to help address incidents such as wild fire, seasonal hurricanes, etc. with a lot of emphasis on cybersecurity thereby triggering quick necessary actions when needed and making the grid resilient. The platform leverages IoT connected devices, sensors, AR/VR, voice-activated chatbots, etc. The analytics engine using advanced algorithms for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning provide valuable insights.

Insurance companies often face the wrath of frustrated customers because of inefficient claims systems. This is because their claims system landscape is saddled with inefficient processes, low automation, and multiple data issues. The Infosys Claims Modernization solution can help and accelerate the modernization journey of insurance firms with a strong reference architecture. Built on the principles of Live Enterprise, it helps them:

  • Enhance experience by predicting ‘ahead of time’ claimant and business’s unmet needs and wants such as Real-time FNOL, claim calculation, hassle free claim authentication, acceptance and verification of pending claims, etc.
  • Sense, respond, and automate routine to aid intuitive decision-making by recommending claim to next stage, requesting additional forms, making picture-based estimation, calculating ETA based on claim severity, etc.

Bring in zero latency and agility with reimagined business processes such as straight through processing (STP) that help complete claim cases in few hours as against days; and introduce persona-based claim handling or expediting non-STP claims settlement with the help of claims Knowledge graph.

Infosys Text Analytics Platform offers a suite of six ready to use solutions and API-based services including

  • Semantic search
  • Skill knowledge graph
  • Sentiment or subjectivity analysis
  • Rule extraction from legal documents
  • Document classification/categorization
  • Email and chat-based automation
  • Log comparison
  • Automated data labeling, etc.

The platform enables faster retail and commercial loan processing through digital customer onboarding, instant KYC, and instant credit decision-making. Costs associated with paper-based trails and back office involvement are reduced through loan form digitization, information extraction for underwriting, OCR-led zero manual entry approach, and, cross reference document authentication for identity validation. It enables customer servicing requests to be handled on self-servicing platforms through interaction transcript analytics. The platform enhances operational resilience by detecting anomalies in financial transactions and enables ‘Customer 360 Degree’ by representing information as a knowledge graph. It supports product hyper-personalization by providing deeper client insights to reduce churn and increase cross-sell. It assists with advanced portfolio modeling for robo-advisors to take next-best-action and improve advisor productivity. It helps with document reviews, improves compliance checks and also supports transaction monitoring and fraud detection, review of risk models and stress testing.