Reimagine user experience to drive hyper personalization

As a Live Enterprise becomes intelligent, the user experience needs to be reimagined to drive hyper-personalization and predictive experiences. Studying the way people interact at work and understanding what motivates them can help enterprises build highly collaborative work environments and deliver superior, contextualized, and personalized experiences. User experience is enabled by:


The experience configuration kit reimagines user experience by ‘codifying the user state of mind’. This feature takes cognizance of real human behavior at the workplace. It formalizes the way people interact with user interfaces. Different users have different motivations in their day-to-day roles and therefore exhibit inherently different behaviors, which in turn influences their decision making and their expectations. The configurator captures this information using telemetry and uses it to personalize and contextualize the user experience. With Live Enterprise, user archetypes are built-in, and the front-end experience is optimized based on parameters such as the user’s desire for belonging, mastery or security at work. It constantly works behind the scenes to make the experience friendly.

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Every enterprise needs a highly collaborative environment. A rich set of functionality could be used to enable collaboration, publishing, and consuming of content. Events and graphs are covered as part of the collaboration services. This comprises of the following core components:

  • Open API for interaction with Microsoft Teams, Skype, Office 365
  • Open API for publishing (Yammer, Wiki)
  • Open API for meetings (Calendar, Webex)
  • Secure, session enabled chat and broadcast workforce communications

Through these, the collaboration services enable orchestration of various business processes and enable the enterprise to responds to direct signals (from explicit events), as well as proactively perform various steps from an indirect signal (detected through an independent agent).

It ensures better experience and collaboration between users (employees, vendors, partners, clients, etc.) by ensuring the user has anytime, anywhere accessibility to the organization as well as intelligence in the experience itself, making it hyper-personalized.