An enterprise can experience complete digital transformation only when all the key functions of the business are transformed to operate optimally and deliver value to its customers. Functional solutions can become instrumental in shaping the digital landscape of the entire organization.


Wingspan is a next-gen learning solution from Infosys that supports continuous learning and helps organizations accelerate their talent transformation journey in a digital environment. It enables organizations to ready their existing talent for future needs. Based on open source technologies, Infosys Wingspan is a cloud-first and mobile-first solution that is designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It is built to facilitate a culture of learning and collaboration amongst employees as well as provide strategic insights to leaders to track talent productivity. With an ever-evolving range of curated content, it facilitates learning based on interest, skillset, and function or role through a combination of instructor-led, assisted learning, and self-learning sessions.

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Productivity platforms play a key role in enhancing employee experience by ensuring all key transactions with the organization including latest company updates, attendance related transactions, travel, claims, IT helpdesk, notifications, personal information related to salary, emergency contact, performance reviews, etc., are easily accessible. It contributes to improving personal productivity by providing access to all relevant information depending on the employee’s role and nature of work. Insights on work, account 360, talent pool, skillsets, and more is made available to employees on-the-go, providing them with the best experience and helping them realize their full potential.

The Motherboard is a first-of-its-kind insights platform that answers the ‘why’ behind mothers’ behaviors. It includes thousands of highly-engaged, diverse moms, including segments that brands rarely have the opportunity to consult—single moms, LGBTQIA moms, first-time moms, etc., providing always-on access to actionable insights across all stages of digital transformation.

An always-on platform, the Motherboard collects insights from mothers utilizing various methodologies including long-form surveys, moderated beta sessions, interviews, mobile ethnography, and shop-a-longs. The feedback collected provides valuable Thick Data that amplifies Big Data by offering rich, emotional, qualitative context, to help brands map new territory for innovation using a 360-degree view of mothers’ attitudes and consumer behaviors. These insights create meaningful consumer experiences, ultimately boosting ROI.