With intelligence at the core, be the enterprise that constantly senses, responds, and evolves

Modernization and cloud empower an enterprise with agility and speed. However, its ability to evolve is still limited. The intelligence of the Live Enterprise Suite can sense changes happening across business operations, user adoption, business-critical events, and in IT; and help enterprises respond and grow with data-driven decisions and cognitive actions. This intelligence is powered by:


Observability Services enable recording and transmission of data from remote or inaccessible sources to an IT system located within reach for monitoring and analysis using telemetry. Telemetry can bring insights on which features end users use the most, how are they using them, what are the bugs and issues, and thereby offer better visibility into performance, doing away with the need to solicit direct feedback from users.

These services have been designed to allow users to switch between different telemetry/analytics services. This means that after going live, if one decides to switch from telemetry provider 1 to telemetry provider 2, the developers don't need to make any changes in the code. A change in the configuration file is all it takes.

The base implementation has been designed to support Sunbird Specification, Azure App Insights and Google Firebase Analytics.

  • Business Process Mining
    We leverage Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform to help clients understand how well their business processes are functioning, by extracting them from the digital footprints of their IT systems. It helps uncover variations in business processes, root causes for delays, and provides actionable insights that can help save money, reduce process time, and enhance customer experience.
    • Insights into Variations: Provides insights including visuals into variations in business processes and map them to factors such as line of business, geography and thereby enable you to reimagine your business processes to optimize and standardize them.
    • Eliminate Frictions: Identifies the friction points in your business processes that are causing delays thereby enabling you to eliminate them.
    • Optimize Outcomes: Provides actionable insights with automated actions that help you optimize the process resulting in reduced costs and customer delight.
  • AssistEdge Discover
    AssistEdge Discover plays a key role in amplifying the power of automation and has delivered tangible value to large enterprises. AssistEdge Discover is a unique process discovery platform that addresses crucial process level data department, helping enterprises enhance process excellence and drive continuous improvement. By uncovering the underlying process nuances, AssistEdge Discover provides critical insights to drive unprecedented user efficiency and accelerate automation. It automatically and non-intrusively captures user digital interactions and converts them into transformational insights using AI. It enables enterprises to lead their digital transformation journey by driving process excellence through the following:
    • Process Map and Insights: Enables enterprises to make data-driven decisions by offering insightful process maps with critical business metrics based on empirical data.
    • Automation Prioritization: Empowers enterprises to scale automation across processes and functions by providing an automation priority matrix.
    • People Efficiency: Business analytics help in analyzing people efficiency and improving learnability.

Knowledge Graph is an enterprise-wide tool that links all information not only from transactions but also from mapping complex interactions between employees, networks and devices in the organization in near-real time. The graph links all silos of enterprise data improving end-to-end visibility, contextualizes them to assist in prioritizing and displaying relevant information to users, and drives intelligence through the digital brain.

A key to approaching sentience, AI Services dominate the processes and technologies a Live Enterprise operates upon. Connecting all the data that exists in the different lines of business through a knowledge graph and real-time analytical databases enable us to make sense of the events or signals. Using a combination of deterministic methods and AI services including vision, speech, text, NLP and NLQ, the digital brain determines how to respond to these business or user events/actions in real-time.

Facilitating automation of routine tasks across enterprise layers and functions, AI services not only enable intuitive decision making at scale but also free up the workforce. It helps reimagine AI-first business processes and features to drive exponential value and efficiency, bringing in zero latency and agility. It also helps create a digital runway for the enterprise allowing for launch of projects, functions, etc., at great velocity.

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Every enterprise sits on a mountain of data. Digital Brain is Infosys’ design specification for realizing a continuously learning cognitive platform that behaves intelligently with the various entities that are part of a Live Enterprise. Entities could be both live i.e. humans (employees, contractors, vendors) and virtual (organization, delivery units). Built as a solution, Digital Brain comprises of the following core components:

  • Core Cognitive Services to build and apply intelligence
  • Agent Framework to intercept signals from independent AI/ML agents
  • Intelligence Store to provide continuous insights (both transient and long term)
  • Knowledge Graph for connected data

Through these, the digital brain orchestrates intelligent responses and enables cognitive actions to direct signals (from explicit events), as well as proactively incite action from indirect signals (detected through an independent agent).