Infosys Marketplace is a one-stop shop to see, try, and adopt innovative and next-generation solutions from Infosys and partners. The platform provides hundreds of curated solutions across a wide range of technologies and industry verticals to accelerate the digital transformation initiatives of global enterprises.

Infosys Marketplace also integrates with Infosys Cobalt to help enterprises leverage the cloud ecosystem of Infosys with key cloud-first solutions.

A unified digital store for a faster, optimized, and effective digital transformation journey


A disruptive marketplace for all your digital business needs

  • Diversified Catalog of Solutions
    Infosys Marketplace provides a diversified catalog of solutions across various industries and technologies such as Automation, Data, AI/ML, DevSecOps, Security, IoT, Blockchain, and more.
  • Partner Store
    The platform also features dedicated partner stores, showcasing the partner solutions on Marketplace for easy access by enterprises.
  • Micro Stores
    Infosys Marketplace also provides Micro Stores that provides curated set of assets under the umbrella of a specific business function or domain.
  • Themed & Curated Assets
    Infosys Marketplace hosts themed stores where solutions are curated to address specific business requirements or around a specific topic such as smart factory, cloud transformation, application modernization, and so on.
  • Co-creation with partners and clients
    Infosys Marketplace promotes co-creation opportunities with partners and clients to co-create innovative solutions and bring new ideas to life.
  • Customized Recommendations
    A mechanism to set up preferences based on industries, technologies, and business functions for customized solution recommendations to find just the right solution.
  • Evolving Ecosystem
    The ecosystem is constantly evolving by leveraging use cases from our growing customers and partners to deliver constant business value.
  • Open to All
    The platform also welcomes start-ups, academia, and open-source communities to discover and adopt innovative solutions for their unique requirements.

Challenges & Solutions

Innovative and agile solutions are developed based on trending use cases that create value for both existing and future requirements to accelerate the business growth of enterprises

With solutions across a wide range of technologies and domains addressing a specific business function, enterprises can find just the right solution for their business needs.

Co-creation of solutions with partners and clients to decrease time-to-market, minimize cross-functional dependencies, scale innovation, thereby amplifying digital transformation initiatives.