Modernize and simplify IT by adopting open source and building new capabilities

As enterprises embrace hybrid cloud, it is essential to modernize IT i.e., infrastructure, data, and applications at scale to maximize the cloud advantage. This is done by the moving existing applications to the cloud, adopting open source technologies, and building new capabilities using a cloud-native approach.

Simplify the cloud landscape and achieve significant cost savings with:


Enterprises struggle to find the right balance between meeting ever-increasing demands in infrastructure and reducing IT budgets. This ongoing struggle pushes IT organizations to find creative and efficient ways to procure their infrastructure cost-effectively to meet the increasing demand for cloud native platforms. The Polycloud layer streamlines the infrastructure on the cloud and helps modernize it.

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A data platform simplifies the entire data landscape as it moves petabytes of data on to the cloud while replacing proprietary technologies with open source technologies. Infosys Information Grid is a metadata driven data processing framework that abstracts underlying big data technologies and allows digitizing the data supply chain by leveraging native technology both on premise and on cloud. The platform is built on a solid data foundation management with extreme automation adoption. It is platform agnostic with an intelligent flow, all driven by metadata and decoupled design and runtime components.

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Enterprise applications are modernized by containerizing existing legacy applications and migrating them to the cloud while building new capabilities with a cloud-native approach. Guided by the principles and practices of agility, user-centricity, lean thinking, automation-first, and reliability, Infosys views this transition as a move towards ‘new ways of working’ and a journey whereby organizations become highly agile, nimble, hyper-productive and sentient; eventually evolving into ‘live enterprises’.

Automation across the agile software delivery life cycle is key for enterprises to rapidly innovate and adopt modern engineering practices. A platform approach to DevSecOps (Infosys DevOps Platform), helps enterprises adopt Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) automation and achieve higher levels of Agile and DevOps maturity – one that encompasses custom, mobile, and package applications.

End to end traceability with integrated security and policy governance ensures robust and resilient application delivery. Augmented with AI/ML-driven insights and a persona-based dashboard it enables business and IT to respond smartly and stay ahead of the competition. Cognitive interactions through chatbots with a plug and play architecture accelerates scalability and adoption of DevSecOps in large scale IT modernization.