Enterprises are continually trying to find the right balance between meeting ever-increasing demands in infrastructure and reducing IT budgets. This ongoing struggle pushes IT organizations to find creative and efficient ways to procure their infrastructure cost-effectively to meet increasing demand for cloud native platforms.

The Infosys Polycloud Platform enables enterprises to procure, build and manage vendor-agnostic solutions across multiple hybrid cloud providers without worrying about vendor lock-in while providing the flexibility to port their platform and data from one provider to another.

Building Portable Applications with Infosys Polycloud Platform

Streamline cloud management with multi-cloud orchestration

A multi-cloud approach with enhanced flexibility, availability, user experiences is essential to meet digital transformation goal of any organization. The absence of a multi-cloud strategy limits the possibility of capitalizing on rapid innovation by hyperscalers.

The Infosys Polycloud Platform approach promises all the above and more by allowing you to be cloud-agnostic while transforming into a cloud native organization. Simply put, without any lock-in with any cloud service provider, it facilitates AWS, Google, Azure, IBM and other private cloud providers to operate within your enterprise concurrently. It helps in instituting the culture of building and running applications in a cloud-agnostic way by facilitating portability across cloud providers.

Smart catalog

The platform offers a dynamic Decision Support Framework, enabling enterprises to pick the right set of services from the right cloud vendor(s) in tune with their business requirements. It helps reduce dependency on a specific cloud vendor. Also, it comes with a set of architectural blueprints to solve your business problems.

Smart brokerage

Business requirements are constantly changing, and through smart brokerage, Infosys offers best-negotiated prices to our customers to pick relevant services from the cloud service providers continually. Enterprises are not bound to any cloud service vendor or pricing.

Developer empowerment

The platform empowers full stack developers by providing self-service models for provisioning, deployment and operation of services. Enterprises are provided with an intuitive portal to provision the services and avail the 360-degree dashboard to monitor end-to-end service operations. The portal enables enterprises to keep a check on any widespread outage or security vulnerability.


The platform offers an embedded governance framework ensuring:

  • Compliance to avoid security threats or flouting of security-related requirements
  • Financial governance to ensure operations do not exceed the allocated budgets
  • Technical governance to make sure that the authorized users consume the right set of services


An all-in-one dashboard that consolidates events, alerts, metrics and logs across environments to enable transparent and faster resolution of operational issues. Additionally, it allows a view into the right deployment zone for the corresponding workload through the smart brokerage module.


AI-powered core to dramatically improve operational efficiency by automating operational tasks, improving issues detection and providing automated resolutions. It accelerates IT decision making and time to market of applications by automating common IT functions and improving overall service quality and application resiliency.

Ops Analytics

Sift through vast amounts of operational data through an easy-to-use workbench for advanced data analysis. This workbench provides pre-built data pipelines for pattern detection, intent extraction and classification, anomaly detection, forecasting, event priority and correlation analyzer and root cause analysis allowing rapid ML model development and model servicing.


Reduction in environment provisioning times


Faster time to market


IT process compliance


Reduction in IT operations effort


Reduction in P1 tickets


Improvement in satisfaction index


Reduction in alert noise


Reduction in MTTD + RCA + MTTR times

Infosys Polycloud Platform

Infosys Polycloud Platform Features Explained by our Expert


Challenges & Solutions

The Infosys Polycloud Platform drives large-scale transformation across the organization’s IT landscape. It impacts application health, cloud, infrastructure, network, storage and service desk functions to improve overall enterprise resiliency, dramatically improve service quality while driving down operational expenditure.

Reach out to us to learn how we transformed IT operations for a large American Semiconductor design and fabrication company within a year -by leveraging intelligent event management, autonomous operations, improving end to end visibility and enabling self-service of IT functions.

We recognize the need for robust security and governance controls for cloud deployments. For organizations, both small and large, dealing with the proliferation of cloud services usage and consumerization of services is a daunting task. Using the Infosys Polycloud Platform, organizations can implement robust and extensive security policies coupled with strong management capabilities. We work with our customers at every step and ensure that we utilize their existing investments and augment their IT infrastructure with additional controls using our vast implementation experience, making them more confident and secure.

Reach out to us to learn how we’ve built a Cloud Autonomics Platform for a large wealth management company in the APAC region by using the Infosys Polycloud Platform to manage a hybrid cloud environment.

The Infosys Polycloud Platform’s analytics module helps shift through vast amounts of operational data to provide unique insights into areas ready for automation. It allows us to deliver operational transformation through extreme automation, which accelerates time to market and improves service quality and availability.

Reach out to us to learn how we used artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for a large American financial services company by relying on the Infosys Polycloud Platform to identify and automatically resolve incidents for their service desk and application operations.