As organizations accelerate their digital journey, shipping features quickly is critical for application teams and thus the need to embrace DevSecOps at scale. The Infosys DevSecOps Platform helps enterprises embrace DevSecOps and ensure faster decisions making through AI-ML enabled insights. The platform is a key DevSecOps enabler in the Infosys Live Enterprise framework and is a part of Infosys Cobalt.

Cloud first, ‘No Code’ DevSecOps platform powered by AI/ML driven insights


Why Infosys DevSecOps Platform?

  • Cloud First and scalable across a Hybrid Cloud ecosystem
    The platform supports seamless integrations with multiple cloud providers. Built on a microservices based architecture, it can be easily hosted and scaled on multiple public/private cloud infrastructure.
  • A ‘NoCode DevSecOps’ platform
    Widget based configuration across pipelines, workflows and policies provides a deskilled model to empower application teams to rapidly build & deploy new features.
  • AI/ML powered Value Stream Visibility
    Developer & Agile Analytics, powered by telemetry and rich insights drive quicker decisions - enabling Live Engineering.
  • Promoting an Ecosystem for ‘Co-creation and Rapid Innovation’
    Built on open source technologies, it has a modular product design and supports plugin-based extensibility that is conducive for co-creation and rapid innovation.
  • Secure by Design
    Security is built-in across the value stream through granular gating, policy controls, role-based governance and compliant DevSecOps templates.

Challenges & Solutions

Widget based configuration across pipelines, workflows and policies provide a deskilled and scriptless model to scale DevSecOps adoption in a diverse IT landscape.

Persona based metrics and Telemetry combined with AI/ML, provide unified visibility and help teams identify targeted interventions towards a higher DevSecOps maturity.

“Shift Left” security is built-in across the value stream, with embedded governance, end to end traceability and compliance reporting.