Infosys DevSecOps Platform Wins DevOps Tool/Product of the Year 2021 Award by UNICOM

Infosys DevSecOps Platform (IDP) was recognized as the DevOps Tool/Product of the Year 2021 at the India DevOps Awards 2021 hosted by UNICOM.

The IDP platform built by Infosys has a distinct “No-Code” DevSecOps approach and modular design to support rapid innovation. With in-built security and AI/ML powered insights, IDP enables global enterprises to accelerate their customer-centric digital transformation, ensuring exceptional value to clients.

The evaluation recognized our strengths in the following areas:

  • Contribution towards cost saving and revenue generation to the organization
  • Improved productivity of DevOps teams
  • Distinct factors that impacted internal and external customer business
  • Superior performance in the areas of product adoption, ease of use, and implementation. Widely used at various levels of the ecosystem in the industry

India DevOps Awards 2021

India DevOps Awards 2021 showcase outstanding achievements of organizations, personalities, and solutions operating in the DevOps space.

Today, organizations are increasingly aware of the benefits of implementing a DevOps culture, which enables faster, more iterative software releases, greater innovation, and a nimbler business. But the road to adopting a DevOps culture can be challenging, as with any cultural change.

There are several ways to implement a DevOps culture, and India DevOps Awards are designed to recognize and celebrate the best of every organization, team, individual, product, and tool. With a range of categories covering every stage of progress across the industry, there is space for everyone to participate and celebrate the success of their DevOps journey.

Jury Members 2021

The jury for India DevOps Awards 2021 included:

Robb Siefert

Sudeep Chatterjee, Head of QA and Testing, London Stock Exchange Group

Robb Siefert

Helen Beal, Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute

Robb Siefert

Andi Mann, Chief Technology Advocate, Splunk

Robb Siefert

Sean Davis, Director, Value Advisor - Intelligent Spend Management, SAP

About Infosys DevSecOps Platform

The award-winning Infosys DevSecOps Platform (IDP) is an enterprise-grade platform that enables digital transformation with inbuilt security across the value stream. IDP is a Cloud first, ‘No Code’ DevSecOps platform powered by AI/ML driven insights. The platform is a key DevSecOps enabler in the Infosys Live Enterprise framework and is a part of Infosys Cobalt.

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