Infosys Enterprise Agile Consulting helps organizations realize faster time to value while ensuring quality, predictability, reliability, and efficiency.

Guided by lean principles and an end-to-end view of the value chain, Infosys has successfully helped over 100 global organizations transform to agile ways of working.

Infosys Enterprise Agile services are backed by deep knowledge of organization change management, distributed agile, and agile scaling frameworks along with agile tooling, training, and coaching capabilities.

Advisory services:

  • Enterprise agile transformation roadmap definition
  • Agile organization change management
  • Agile maturity assessments
  • Scaling agile
  • Agile training
  • Agile tooling

Transformation services:

  • Distributed agile execution
  • Enterprise agile transformation
  • Agile COE setup
  • Agile coaching

Infosys Enterprise Agile Consulting Services enable organizations to realize faster time to value through improved IT delivery performance


With Infosys Agile Consulting Services, organizations can:

  • Achieve no-touch automation to improve reliability, repeatability, quality, security, and speed
  • Define the agile transformation strategy and roadmap
  • Transition from project to product-based models
  • Implement agile at scale
  • Establish outcome-oriented measurement framework
  • Embrace effective distributed-agile ways of working
  • Successfully manage organizational change

Challenges & Solutions

  • Persona-based change interventions leveraging behavioral experts
  • Emphasis on ‘being agile’ rather than just ‘doing agile’
  • Use a ‘micro-change management’ approach to change behaviors and routines

  • Use an approach based on objectives and key results (OKR) to achieve business value realization
  • Leverage the power of underlying data from agile tooling to track and measure flow of value, and drive insights for faster decision-making

  • Establish communities of practice (CoPs) and enable learning agility
  • Build internal coaching and training capability within the client organization
  • Use a hybrid scaling approach to adapt various scaling frameworks to the client context

  • Enable non-tech functions to embrace agile principles and practices
  • Organize teams around customer journeys/value streams and inculcate a product mindset
  • Leverage lean portfolio management that aligns strategy with investment funding, agile portfolio operations, and governance