Infosys NextGen DevOps services help enterprises modernize their landscape so they can become agile and innovate faster even in turbulent markets.

We accelerate the entire value stream by implementing DevOps for all technologies including legacy, packages, cloud and implementing DevSecOps. Our DevOps services also scale implementation to the enterprise level, delivering benefits like improved time-to-market and quality as well as reduced effort and cost.

Infosys NextGen DevOps achieves holistic change that transforms people, processes and technology. The offering includes comprehensive services right from advisory and consulting to transformation:

DevOps advisory services

  • DevOps transformation blueprint
  • DevOps scaling models
  • DevOps organization change management
  • DevOps maturity assessments
  • DevOps tools advisory
  • DevOps enablement

DevOps transformation services

  • DevOps for digital transformation
  • DevOps for legacy, package and cloud
  • DevOps people and process transformation
  • DevOps as a service/platform setup
  • DevOps CoE setup
  • MLOps, NetOps, DataOps, DevSecOps

Infosys NextGen DevOps services reduces time to market, improves quality and saves cost


With Infosys NextGen DevOps, enterprises can:

  • Achieve no-touch automation to improve reliability, repeatability, quality, security, and speed
  • Scale DevOps at enterprise level across distributed technologies, legacy, packages, on-premises, cloud, and more
  • Implement DevOps holistically across people, process and technology
  • Rapidly onboard applications using platform approach and our repository of over 100 tools, accelerators and frameworks
  • Gain AI/ML powered Value Stream visibility and scale rapidly with Infosys DevSecOps Platform

Challenges & Solutions

  • Infosys Enterprise DevOps framework provides scaling patterns with guidance on organization change management
  • Enables cost effective and uniform DevOps implementation across all technologies including legacy, packages and cloud

  • Infosys DevSecOps integrates several security testing tools in CI/CD pipelines to ensure no-touch automation
  • Holistic solution focusses on people and process transformation to ensure successful DevSecOps implementation

  • Mainframe DevOps solution using market leading tools to automate end to end life cycle
  • Accelerates mainframe deliveries to enhance speed of dependent digital applications