Infosys NextGen DevOps

Infosys NextGen DevOps services help enterprises modernize their landscape so they can become agile, cloud-enabled, and innovate faster, even in turbulent markets.

We accelerate the entire value stream by implementing DevSecOps across all technologies including legacy, packages, and cloud. Our DevOps services help scale DevOps implementation to the enterprise level, delivering benefits like faster time-to-market and improved quality at reduced effort and cost.

Enterprise DevOps

Enterprise DevOps

De-risk DevOps scaling and achieve holistic DevOps implementation beyond technology

Platform & Products engineering

Cloud DevOps

Futuristic cloud DevOps for your cloud adoption journey to reduce cost and maximize your core cloud benefits



Continuous security along with DevOps to ensure security is not compromised with faster releases

Advance DevOps

Advance DevOps

Unified DevOps teams, NetOps, DataOps, MLOps, SRE, and more

DevOps for Packages

DevOps for Packages

Value stream DevOps with a practice-based DevOps approach to achieve speed for packages

DevOps for Legacy

DevOps for Legacy

Bring mainframe delivery speed at par with digital applications to achieve enterprise agility

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How we can help

Infosys NextGen DevOps helps enterprises reduce time-to-market, improve quality, and save cost.


Jump start your DevOps journey with Infosys Advisory Services

Derive amplified DevOps benefits with our expertise in advisory services to help you assess your needs and define a structured roadmap to jump-start your DevOps adoption using our reference solutions, accelerators, DevOps engines, or platform.


Futuristic Cloud DevOps to maximize cloud benefits

Strategize futuristic Cloud DevOps for your cloud adoption journey to bring uniformity & standardization, reduce implementation costs and maximize your core cloud benefits with our central DevOps solutions.


Speed with security with Infosys DevSecOps Services

Secure your applications without compromising speed with Infosys DevSecOps solutions encompassing technology, people, and process transformation.


DevOps people and culture transformation

Achieve holistic DevOps implementation beyond technology solutions using our contextual people and process models for unified DevOps teams or SRE teams.

Our Offerings

Our offerings include comprehensive services right from advisory and consulting to transformation.

DevOps advisory services

  • DevOps transformation blueprint
  • DevOps maturity assessments
  • DevOps scaling models
  • DevOps tools advisory
  • DevOps organization change management
  • DevOps enablement

DevOps transformation services

  • DevOps for digital transformation
  • DevOps as a service/platform setup
  • DevOps for legacy, package, and cloud
  • DevOps CoE setup
  • DevOps people and process transformation
  • MLOps, NetOps, DataOps, and DevSecOps

Specialized focus on Cloud DevOps variations

  • DevOps using cloud-native DevOps services
  • DevOps using PaaS platforms
  • DevOps with independent tools or tools plus services
  • Cloud-agnostic DevOps solutions for multi-cloud