Infosys Enterprise Agile DevOps

Business Value. Faster.

To thrive in the digital world, enterprises must constantly evolve and adapt to market dynamics and changes. This means having the agility to spot and seize opportunities fast, introduce new products on demand, revamp business processes as needed, increase operational efficiency, and create new business models. It is also important that enterprises remain focused on customer centricity, intertwined with business agility, to drive business value. But this requires the complete enterprise ecosystem to be truly agile - across business and technology.

Transforming the way enterprises align to the flow of value with a product focus, underpinned by the adoption of Agile DevOps across the value stream, can help the C-suite drive business agility and deliver innovative, superior products and services, attuned to the needs of customers.

Helping Businesses Strengthen Customer Centricity and Accelerate Business Outcomes

Infosys Enterprise Agile DevOps

  • Adopts a product-centric value delivery approach, taking an end-to-end view of the value chain, helping clients align to the core tenets of customer centricity and innovation
  • Helps clients to re-imagine their customer journeys and organize integrated product teams around value streams, with lean based value stream approach
  • Is backed by a data first live engineering approach, enabling enterprises scale Agile and DevOps across heterogeneous landscapes, to amplify the organizational rhythm for faster value creation

Count on Infosys Enterprise Agile DevOps services to help you navigate the agility lifecycle - from advisory to transformation and execution. Supplemented with a choice of hybrid work models and our Live Enterprise suite of platforms and accelerators, including the Infosys DevSecOps Platform, we help clients infuse business agility into the enterprise ecosystem.

Unparalleled Experience

Partnering with Infosys gives you the unique advantage of access to diverse and extensive experience honed over multiple projects:

  • 160,000+ trained agile professionals
  • 50,000+ trained DevOps professionals
  • Integrated Agile DevOps frameworks for a wide range of requirements
  • 100+ DevOps accelerators
  • Agile phygital workspaces
  • Customer experience design and product management capabilities
  • Robust partner ecosystem

Getting Started

Value Assessment
2 -3 Hours

Participate in a discussion to uncover the capabilities and potential path to value for your enterprise. Uncover the advantage that Infosys can bring to your Agile and DevOps journey.

Value Discovery
1 – 2 Days

A workshop to understand the breadth of your current IT and business landscape, uncovering associated problem statements. During this workshop, Infosys will collaborate with you to identify tangible opportunities for value creation through the adoption of Agile and DevOps practices.

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