Digital adoption is gaining pace like never before. Enterprises that seek to deliver superior customer experience to thrive in the digital world need robust system resiliency. Unreliable systems in a hyperscale environment can adversely affect the business in terms of cost, revenue, and reputational losses.

To avert such a serious impact, organizations must ensure high levels of resiliency for their business services. It is here that site reliability engineering (SRE) becomes critical. With SRE, teams deliver software faster and thereby accelerate time to market. This is achieved while ensuring enhanced service reliability, availability, scalability, and performance, as well as significant effort reduction.

Infosys Site Reliability Engineering

Infosys’ defined and holistic set of offerings help accelerate SRE transformation and value realization


Advisory and SRE transformation services

  • Consulting – Process, tools/technology, operating model, systems architecture
  • Process and operating model design
  • SRE platform engineering and implementation
  • Organizational change management

SRE for Development and operations

  • Application development - Design for resiliency
  • Application maintenance and operations
  • Product and platform engineering – Design for resiliency
  • SaaS-based product ops/SRE
  • Infrastructure engineering and operations
Infosys Site Reliability Engineering

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys SRE Maturity Model helps to evaluate the effectiveness of SRE tenets and offers a roadmap to improve the SRE maturity index (Crawl, Walk, Run, Sprint). Infosys SRE Management Platforms & tools brings an integrated platform approach with observability, reliability analytics and AI/ML led intelligent operations. Additionally, a rich repository of templates is available to adopt SRE tenets quickly.

Infosys toil reduction framework with structured toil management plan establishes a mechanism to measure toil scientifically, aids in the periodic analysis of top toil targets and adopts toil treatment strategy to effectively reduce it (Elimination, Operating model change, Self-service, Automation, Uniformity of tech landscape, etc.).

Availability & Reliability Engineering teams enable effective operations, provide continuous improvements, and accelerate automation ensuring system reliability and application availability.