HSBC Americas Transforms with Infosys Agile and DevOps

Distributed across 64 countries, supporting 7000+ services, HSBC Americas emerged as a lean organization, ensuring seamless remote operations for its employees and customers using Infosys Agile and DevSecOps Services, tools and practices

As we continue to navigate our way through the uncertain times, being lean, agile and resilient have become the core drivers for organizational success.

HSBC, a leading global bank serving over 40 million customers over 64 countries wanted to emerge as a sustainable and a strong organization that could deliver critical solutions in a timely manner, without compromising on quality. HSBC partnered with Infosys to steer this large-scale digital transformation across all its touchpoints.

Watch this video as Donald Patra – EVP & CIO, HSBC Americas, discusses with Alok Uniyal – VP & Head, Agile & DevOps, Infosys, on how HSBC Americas drove its way into the DevOps transformation across geographies, cultural complexities and distributed teams.

Further, the discussion also touches upon:

  • How with the advent of Fintechs, customers not only expect faster responses but also expect banks to predict what they want, highlighting the need for a robust technology model in place
  • How Infosys Agile – DevSecOps Service with effective collaboration tools ensured seamless remote operation for the bank and post deploying ‘BizDevSecOps’, as they call it, the organization realized –
    • Improvement in their business and technology KPIs
    • Faster releases of critical solutions during the peak of pandemic
    • Increased sales
    • Cultural re-organization and mindset shift for sustenance of the new change as new normal
  • Why DevOps as a process cannot be looked at in isolation as it has to be business driven, starting from leadership first, to change the fabric of the organizational culture

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