Infosys at DOES Summit 2022 - US, Virtual

Infosys participated in one of the world’s biggest DevOps forum – DevOps Enterprise Summit - US, Virtual on Dec 6 -7, 2022, and presented on the topic - ‘Proactive, Predictable and Enhanced value delivery through sentient DevSecOps ecosystem’.

Infosys was nominated to present at the event basis of its powerful metrics and results seen from transformation at scale, challenges, and the success stories that it achieved with its core capabilities around Automation, Agile DevOps, Infosys DevSecOps Platform, and SRE.

The session unveiled:

  1. Live Enterprise transformation story of Infosys
  2. How with the successful adoption of Agile and DevOps with automation at scale, Infosys delivered highly sentient, faster, reliable, resilient, and scalable IT systems
  3. The technology transformation framework to modernize IT applications and systems
  4. How Infosys DevSecOps Platform was leveraged to transform the ways of working and DevSecOps Practices

Session highlights:

The engaging session was presented by Alok Kumar, Group Project Manager and DevSecOps Champion, and Krishna Kanth B N, Senior Technology Architect, and Product Lead, Automation Group, Quality from Infosys.

Gene Kim, multiple award-winning CTO, researcher, author, and Program Chair of DOES, expressed his immense delight in the disruptive innovation stories we presented during the session.

Gene chaired the conversations, questions, and observations on a social media platform - Slack during the session. He is the celebrated DevOps guru & the best-selling author of books like The Phoenix Project (2013), The DevOps Handbook, the Shingo Publication Award-winning Accelerate, The Visible Ops Handbook series, and more.

The Infosys presentation was well received by live attendees across the globe, leading to huge traction on Slack, amongst speakers and extended audiences. We received a lot of enquires on ‘Infosys Live Enterprise’ capabilities and the platform-based approach for scaled DevSecOps adoption during the Q&A conversations.

Find out more on how organizations are transforming with our capabilities around Infosys DevSecOps Platform, Infosys Site Reliability Engineering, Product Centric Value Delivery approach with Infosys Agile DevOps, and Infosys - NextGen DevOps.

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Session speakers:

Alok Kumar

Alok Kumar, Group Project Manager and DevSecOps Champion, Infosys

Krishna Kanth

Krishna Kanth B N, Senior Technology Architect, and Product Lead Automation Group – Quality, Infosys