Drive operational resilience while managing the enterprise landscape

The new and existing IT capabilities have to be operationally resilient to deliver better experiences to users and the business. This is where management services, platforms, and automation come together to eliminate redundant processes, help predict and resolve issues proactively to drive operational resilience with:


The Infosys Live Enterprise Management Platform is a comprehensive solution enabling enterprises to continually sense, analyze, decide, act, and learn from the data generated by the management services across business process, application and infrastructure layers. It addresses all life cycle stages of an IT management program from transition, to steady state, to transformation.

The platform unlocks a whole gamut of synergies for the enterprise and transforms the enterprise management services to pivot on business KPI driven services, as against traditional IT SLA governed services and all this has been made possible by bringing the power of multiple key solutions, into one platform:

Infosys delivers value by transforming clients’ businesses in the area of Data Services via data profiling, masking and migration, data assurance, and advanced analytics while keeping future shifts in mind. Infosys Data Management Platform helps to keep various data formats consistent, across heterogeneous formats. This is critical for an analytics-driven enterprise to deliver industrialized and cutting-edge capabilities while also having a strategic approach to be able to monetize data.

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One of the fundamental vision of a reimagined digital workforce is to amplify human potential and move to a human + bot model. Developed using micro-bot architecture, the Bot Factory aims to provide an ecosystem of ever-evolving repository of microbots that are shareable by projects across the organization. Microbots are strategically created by identifying most common IT and business activities and breaking them into smaller components. These activities span across application maintenance, application development, and activities performed by business users or business process management (BPM) teams. These are potentially applicable across all industry domains and business functions.

Bot Factory comes with an integrated orchestrator, that enables sequencing the microbots to create a worker-bot that can perform end-to-end process automation.