Navigating Skills Assessment in the New Digital Era

Traditionally, potential employees were assessed on their domain knowledge, communication skills, aptitude, and attitude. However, they were instinctive, on-the-spot judgments that are prone to errors and biases. And through time and experience, businesses have learned that they need a more scientific approach to recruitment and hiring.

A recent industry report found that 86% of organizations moved hiring and assessment online during the pandemic and yet 30% had no technology infrastructure in place for online hiring or assessment.

To answer the need for an intelligent, self-evolving, customizable, scalable, unified skills testing application, the Infosys Assessment Platform was created. And it has already successfully transformed testing for enterprises by offering a streamlined, automated window for anytime, anywhere and on any device assessment.


  • Skill assessments need to go beyond knowledge and memory tests and gauge the practical applicability of the knowledge acquired
  • Analyses deep understanding helps test takers get a systematic view of where they need to go vs where they are today
  • Infosys Assessment Platform has a built-in skill and role proficiency framework powered by Infosys Wingspan that allows managers to assign specific skills to a role
  • The platform offers several features from remote proctoring to rubric-based assignments, behavioral tests and much more.

Explore Thirumala Arohi, SVP – Head – Education, Training & Assessments and Abhishek Govula, Senior Technologist – Education, Training & Assessments perspective on the topic here.

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