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  • How AI can help news publishers

    May 15, 2024


  • News houses are scrambling to stay afloat amid economic uncertainty and declining subscription revenues.
  • They must use AI to retain high-value customers and optimize growth. Good AI predicts what content and pricing model will ensure long-term customer retention.
  • Firms must organize their data estate, prioritize high impact AI initiatives, and ensure executive support for AI transformation.
  • A build-versus-buy exercise is crucial. For firms lacking data science expertise, an off-the-shelf solution such as Infosys Publisher AI Cloud can be a game changer.
  • This strategy will help firms tackle news avoidance and convince people in real time that their news is worth paying attention to and worth paying for.

About the Authors

Harry Keir Hughes

Harry Keir Hughes

Harry works to help evangelize and amplify the data science coming out of our research team, through compelling narrative and data analysis. He also takes pride in working with SMEs throughout the organization who have a finger on the pulse of what’s next in AI and Digital and how clients can best onboard this technology in their own business.

Harry studied at the University of Cambridge where he received an Honorary Masters in Engineering. His dissertation covered statistical pattern processing and machine learning. His tenure prior to joining the Infosys Knowledge Institute included a role within BAE Systems Intelligence, where he analyzed credit fraud for major banks and telecoms operators. He also has a pedigree in journalism, having worked for the Telegraph in the UK, and Quintessentially, a luxury lifestyle conglomerate.

Srirama Jonnalagadda

Srirama Jonnalagadda

Srirama is a data analytics & AI leader with 20+ years of experience. He’s worked with many fortune 500 clients as part this journey. Srirama is passionate about solving business problems using innovative technology solutions. He has vast experience in working with clients across retail, consumer goods, insurance, publishing, media, services, utilities, energy, and resources - along with expertise in data, analytics, and AI. Currently, he leads the architecture practice for the services, utilities, energy, and resource domain of the Infosys data and AI architecture practice. He is also a trusted technology advisor to many services and utility clients. He is currently focused on helping customers leverage Data and AI to achieve business outcomes through an AI-first strategy to drive business transformation and AI adoption across the life cycle.

Rajan Padmanabhan

Rajan Padmanabhan

Rajan is Head of solutions and innovations for data, analytics and AI. He has four patents in the areas of surround data and AI. Rajan has more than 22 years of experience cutting across multiple industry domains and helping Fortune 500 clients to envision, strategize, innovate and industrialize with AI at scale.

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