Digital learning

Trend 15: Personalized learning to build future-ready workforce

Personalized learning provides users with a combination of bite-sized micro-learning modules alongside in-depth content to suit individual needs and styles of learning. Learning experience is elevated using gamification elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards. Learners can track their progress across different dimensions and get personalized insights to help them progress on their learning journey. Dynamic learning paths are assigned to drive guided learning experiences for learners. Adaptive learning and assessments leverage user contexts and machine learning algorithms to chart a course pathway based on learner progress, topic knowledge, and assessment scores.

A leading automotive player wanted to build a strong learning ecosystem for its dealer network employees. Infosys deployed Wingspan to deliver an intuitive and personalized learning experience for the company’s frontline across dealer networks, covering close to 20,000 users. Through a combination of dynamic learning paths, focused content delivery, comprehensive assessments, and a personalized and gamified experience, the company scaled up its learning programs for the dealer network, resulting in a significant uptick in coverage, competency development, and ability to deliver superior client experience.

Digital learning

Trend 16: Learning analytics gains prominence

Data integration with other organization-wide systems, such as HR platforms and applications, helps transfer learning data to drive business decisions around the career progression of employees and staffing for client projects. Insights from learning analytics allow assessing a spectrum of metrics to gauge learning progress and effectiveness across the organization. A bird's eye view of skills and dashboards to drill down the data helps leadership plan learning interventions to meet evolving skill demands across accounts within their business units. Analysis of the learning data can be leveraged to design incentives and create new opportunities for employees based on skills developed in areas of strategic relevance to the organization. With more than 360,000 resources and engaging features, Infosys Lex clocks 50,000 daily users on average, with each user spending around 40 minutes per day.

Within Infosys Springboard, the analytics module plays a crucial role in engaging learners effectively. Given the diversity of the demography of learners on Springboard, insights from the analytics module play a critical role in determining the type and the time of interventions through an hour-wise view of user activities.