Service desk

Trend 13: Smart operations enhance agent performance

With a focus on providing consistent agent performance, personalized responsiveness to customers, and empathy-driven conversations, Infosys’ framework utilizes the power of digital technologies. It uses AI for speech analytics and phonetics for soft skill evaluation, simulated learning, and live agent feedback. The framework utilizes technology to train, measure the performance, and continuously improve sales. This has assisted in optimizing agent performance by 10% to 20%, reducing the cost to service.

An industry leader in brokerage and wealth management was experiencing a bottleneck in their underlying network of shared services. Due to manual security testing, they could not achieve early time to market for their end-user applications. They partnered with Infosys to implement an end-to-end DevSecOps solution to improve speed and quality, which reduced release management effort by 88%, increased release frequency by four times, and added $3.3 million in annual cost savings.

Service desk

Trend 14: Digital assist transforms agent experience

Digital assist empowers agents by mining past and current customer interactions and turning them into actionable insights. This increases agent productivity, improves access to learning, reduces manual efforts, and increases success rate during customer conversations. Agents are provided with a 360-degree customer view, omnichannel customer context passing, digital nudges for the next best action (such as cross-sell/upsell), and task automation, leading to better accuracy and CSAT score.

Infosys worked with a leading North American financial services company to build a sophisticated DevSecOps framework with a higher level of automation. Inbuilt platform capabilities combined with third-party tools provide deep insights and integrated tracking of DevSecOps processes to the company.