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The next way to work. The next big thing. Every transformation that’s next. we are creating it all, one day at a time, technology after technology, industry by industry. We are a diversity of more than 290,000 people transforming over 1,700 clients in more than 50 countries. We are change seekers and change makers, like you. We are Infosys. Join us to move forward and take the world with you.


20 + years present in France
50% + CAC40 corporations are Infosys Clients
3,500 + employees dedicated to France projects

Our Paris office opened in 2001 to strengthen our expansion in Europe and to be close to the biggest listed companies located in the Paris area. Most of our historic clients are in this place and this office acts as a headquarter for Infosys in France.

The Toulouse Service Centre, in Blagnac, allows us to continuously provide first-class service and support to our French customers, especially those within the aeronautics sector, in their constant search for innovation and competitiveness.

In 2018, Infosys opened a Logistics and Digital Centre of Excellence in Marseille, focusing on the shipping and logistics industry. It provides first-class services in various areas including Design and User Experience, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and Analytics and is part of our Infosys network of Centres Of Excellence, servicing clients’ digital requirements throughout the world.

To offer comprehensive solutions to our French clients, we also have a dedicated bilingual near-shore centre in Mauritius.


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We are not a technology company powered by people; we are a people company powering technology — exceptional people, like you. People with passion, dreaming of a better next. If you look around, you'll see there's no greater opportunity than to change the world through technology. And who better to do it than you?



Infosys has been recognised for exceptional standards in employee conditions in France since 2018

Infosys has made a mark in France for its work practices, technology leadership and innovative culture. Here are just a few of our awards:

Infosys has made a mark in France for its work practices, technology leadership and innovative culture. Here are just a few of our awards:


Diversity & Inclusion - Stronger Together

All aspects of employment at Infosys are based on merit, competence and performance. All of us at Infosys are committed to embracing diversity and creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Infosys is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Forward Together: Explore the lives of our Infosys navigators.

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Get a peek into what Infosys means to its employees, what they feel as Infoscions, and what they believe makes it one of the world's best organizations. This section will continue to feature some of their best documented accounts of Life at Infosys.

Quentin Barreiro

Quentin Barreiro – Associate

"After a double degree in Financial Market Engineering and Applied Mathematics, I decided to join Infosys as an intern in 2021 to put in practice what I had learnt throughout my studies. After this 6-months internship, I had the opportunity to permanently join the Infosys family in France as an Associate. Infosys’ international context will allow you to develop your skills and learn new ones.  As an intern, you will immediately be part of a team and will have the chance to take part in several concrete topics, in line with your area of expertise and aspirations. If you do continue the Infosys adventure after your internship, the perspectives of evolution as a graduate will be varied and fast-paced. In short, the diversity of Infosys’ projects and clients will be a real career accelerator."

Laila Faure-Brujerdi – Principal Consultant

Laila Faure-Brujerdi – Principal Consultant

“I joined Infosys 5 years ago. I was well accompanied from the start, in order to familiarise myself with the processes and ways of working in Infosys. What I enjoy the most is to work in a multicultural environment as my colleagues are based all over the world (India, Mauritius and various European countries). This constantly sharpens my curiosity and my ability to adapt to different environments and cultures. It also opens up new work opportunities for me as we are partners of various medium and large-sized businesses throughout Europe, irrespective of industries. Thanks to multiple opportunities that Infosys entrusted on me, I was able to develop new skills and enrich my range of know-how. Every day is a new learning opportunity and that's what motivates me every day.”