Reimagining Digital Inclusion

We aim to give people the means to take control of their own futures. Our Europe corporate responsibility programme is focused on three areas, with varied initiatives designed to lead to better outcomes for individuals, communities and businesses.

Infosy Springboard
Reskill and Rewire for Digitally Empowered People

Reskill and Rewire for Digitally Empowered People

Empower and Excel for Digitally Engaged Communities

Empower and Excel for Digitally Engaged Communities

Innovate and Ignite for Digitally Enabled Enterprises

Innovate and Ignite for Digitally Enabled Enterprises

Paving the way to Digital Equality

When digital technologies have become integral to most sectors and opportunities to advance are based on digital skills, Infosys Springboard is essential to building tomorrow’s workforce.

Reskill and Rewire

To bridge the widening rift in digital skills, Reskill and Rewire was envisioned to be a digital equaliser. The new programme is geared towards increasing digital literacy across the board and making it available to everyone for free.


Universal access to the learning portal offering digital training and skill building


Leveraging enterprise, government and academic partners across the UK


Community visibility with tangible tracking and measurement tools

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Reskill and Rewire

Leap Ahead with Infosys Springboard Digital Learning Platform

Created utilising the expertise of enterprise partners, academia and the UK Public Sector, the Infosys Springboard Digital Learning Platform is the universally accessible platform for training, reskilling and upskilling in digital skills. The portal was launched to equip our future workforce with the tools they need at no cost to them.

In October 2021, we collaborated with the London Borough of Brent to launch the Infosys Springboard digital learning platform for its residents. With this collaboration, we endeavour to make high-quality digital education accessible to all. See how the event came to life by watching our highlights video.


Empower and Excel

Targeted towards low-income areas where there is a shortfall of digital essentials, Empower and Excel makes devices and the internet available to those who cannot afford it. It gives communities entry to better education, careers and more.


Laptops are loaned or donated to those who need it through a library system


Training is provided on how to use the devices by facilitators


Increasing digital skills for more career opportunities

Empower and Excel

Bringing Change to Brent’s Communities

The citizens of Brent were hit hard after the pandemic with many losing their jobs, and small and medium businesses having to shut down. The city came up with the innovative concept of ‘Community Boards’ where people were encouraged to go for support. We partnered with them to loan or donate laptops. Facilitators were available to educate those who needed it on how to operate the devices. Through this initiative, we reached out to the community with direct action that led to meaningful change.

Innovate and Ignite

Tailored to help entrepreneurs realise their ideas and small and medium businesses improve their services through digitisation, Innovate and Ignite was designed to help emerging enterprises. The programme turns technology from an entry barrier to an essential building block.

Advancing Opportunities

Entrepreneurs are connected to mentors through the Infosys Innovation Network

Enabling Growth

Support and training for SMBEs to help digitise their processes

Nurturing Innovation

The initiative fosters a culture of entrepreneurship tied in with technology

Empower and Excel

Reinvent with the Infosys Innovation Network

Learning a skill and building a business should be a linear experience. Unfortunately, technology is an obstacle that many entrepreneurs cannot seem to overcome because they lack the necessary digital skills and don’t have the guidance to implement them in real-world contexts. Through the Infosys Innovation Network, we pair people with the vision to mentors with experience. Participants are also invited to the Virtual Living Labs at Dusseldorf to know more about transformative technology.

Reinvent with the Infosys Innovation Network

Consortium of Partners

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