Low Code, No Code

Low-code, no-code (LCNC) tools and platforms are gaining momentum as more companies enable citizen development where users with little to no technical knowledge can build their own customer and enterprise applications. The emergence and usage of LCNC platforms will continue to increase as more businesses accelerate their cloud and digital transformation and as the citizen developer community develops more rapid experiments and innovations.

Evolution across three horizons

Adapting to market dynamics across the three horizons
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Experience Design

Omni Channel and AI Augmented Design

Digital Experience & Application Platforms

Out of the box Intelligence and Prediction capability integration

Digital Process Automation and Operations

FLUID DPA with capabilities to sense, analyze, respond & intelligently evolve

Enterprise Productivity

Citizen Development ~ with remote collaboration and cognitive apps

Data Science & AI

Machines doing Machine Learning


Collaborative Cloud Based Design

Rapid Development with Flexibility, Extensibility and Standardization

Process Automation Augmented by RPA and AI

Team Productivity Integrated, collaborative & Always on

Data Scientist (70%) and Citizen Data Scientist (30%)


Traditional, Individual User Design

Rapid Application Development

Traditional Business Process Management

Personal Productivity in Silos

Traditional DIY

Key LCNC trends across technology domains

Experience design

Trend 1

Shift from a single user to collaborative experience design models and platforms

As the experience shifts from the web to mobile, voice and other forms, there is a need to integrate different strands of expertise from design, tech and business. Today's applications demand closer collaboration between stakeholders across business, technology, design as well as end-users.

Trend 2

Increased productivity and quality through system design-enabled platforms

LCNC platforms help create integrated, omnichannel experiences across voice, mobile and web. Further, design systems enable teams to manage every detail of the user interface, equipping them with specifications that ensure usability and consistency.

Digital Experience and Application Platform

Trend 3

Omnichannel, intelligent and integrated experiences for application development

Solving problems today involves a close collaboration of engagement, intelligence and records systems. Multiexperience horizontal platforms like Outsystems, Mendix and Microsoft PowerApps create seamless integrations between AI and intelligence in their low- code application development strategies.

Trend 4

AI-based co-development enable productivity

Scale and agility are two core value propositions of any LCNC strategy. A rich studio environment enables us to build applications faster and create a WYSIWYG experience.

Digital Process Automation

Trend 5

Power of the cloud to provide a force multiplier for low-code development

Cloud hyperscalers and market leaders are investing heavily in pushing the boundaries of innovation in cognitive AI services such as vision, speech, language and document interpretation. LCNC DPA platforms are in an ideal position to take advantage of the cloud as the enabler for the ease and speed of developing such functionalities.

Trend 6

Process mining and optimization drive digital process automation

In a complex modern landscape, typically any endto- end process spans across multiple systems, steps and people. This is especially true on the backdrop of multiple ERPs and diverse teams. Before optimizing the end-to-end experience or delivering business efficiency outcomes, you must first understand the issues that impact the experience. It is also critical to know where the process is broken and where to find optimization opportunities.

Enterprise Productivity

Trend 7

Increase focus on enterprise productivity and collaboration

With their hyperpersonalized experience, drag-anddrop UI build capability and ease of integration, low-code platforms boost productivity by accessing data anytime, anywhere. The LCNC platform also offers low-code bot build capabilities that employees can use for self-service applications.

Trend 8

Remote collaboration powered by “anytime anywhere” collaboration platforms

The recent pandemic has led enterprises to rethink their ways of doing business. While essential staff still work on site, almost 88% of the global workforce work remotely. Prior to the pandemic, only 20% worked remotely.

Data Science and AI

Trend 9

Citizen development in AI and data science powered by cloud-based LCNC platforms

Analyzing massive amounts of unstructured data like images, transcripts and recorded speeches is a top requirement for enterprises. It necessitates a significant up-front investment in the compute and storage infrastructure to collect, cleanse and tag the data for training and model building.

Trend 10

Enterprise-level AI shifts from fragmented to integrated and managed activities

Platforms and services that perform all the functions of a typical AI/ML implementation lifecycle help businesses move toward a more standard, managed, integrated and collaborative environment. Platforms like H2O Driverless AI, Azure Machine Learning and Amazon SageMaker bring citizen data scientists and the CSPs together.

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