The Global Startup Ecosystem: Reimagining Business Processes

25 Oct 2021

Satish Nair, Vice President of Infosys Business Processes Management discusses business processes and startups and explains how his group taps into startup innovation to deliver better outcomes for clients.

Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

“Startups have the inherent DNA to focus on the best of what technology offers today and attract the best talent.”

“What's happening from with digital experiences and channels of how we actually deliver comes to reality at the business process end, where it hits all of the consumers and the people who actually deliver these services.”

“The critical part of business process management, is how do you land it on the ground? It's not just about defining the solution and taking it to the customer, but it's also about delivering it to the customers and showing value.”

- Satish Nair


Show Notes

  • 00:07

    Jeff introduces Satish

  • 00:25

    What is it about business process management that's so vital to solving your clients’ problems and where do you see it going?

  • 03:03

    Why are startups so important in this decade of exponential change and in business process management overall?

  • 03:49

    Can you give an example of a startup you've worked with recently and the problem it solved, maybe that distinct aspect of being a startup and how it made the difference?

  • 08:25

    Are there some broad categories or stages where you bring [startups] in? And what's the role that a startup plays?

  • 11:19

    Have you seen where solving Problem A, the thing that got you together, led to solving a very different and maybe more powerful problem in the future? Other words, you went from the initial problem and then it naturally led to a second or third one?

  • 13:42

    What are the three things you'd like executives or listeners to take away, as you think about startups and the BPM ecosystem?

  • 15:43

    Satish shares resources for listeners to learn more.

About Satish Nair

Satish Nair

Satish Nair heads Digital Services at Infosys BPM, and is responsible for the re-imagination of and creation of new business processes and services to help customers navigate their digital journeys. Digital services leverage analytics, technology, and domain skills to drive stakeholder experience and effectiveness. Prior to this role, he headed Retail, CPG, Insurance and Life Sciences businesses at Infosys BPM. Satish has over 20 years of experience in business and technology operations, solution development and commodity supply chain operations. He has helped organizations successfully embark, transition, manage, and transform global processes and service operations.

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