The Infosys Innovation Network (IIN) is a well-orchestrated partnership between select startups and Infosys to provide innovative services to our clients. The IIN program aims to create lighthouse wins for clients to experiment and implement art-of-the-possible. Infosys de-risks client adoption of technology products & solutions by carefully curating these startups, finding the right fit and implementing early pilots.

Technology innovation is a prerequisite to solve various business challenges. To address this, clients need to adopt a systematic & purposeful program to identify the most suitable startups. Through Listening Post-As-a-Service, Infosys aids enterprises to spot creative, niche, differentiated, emerging technology startups. By leveraging these solutions & products, businesses can take the lead in industry innovation and stay ahead.

How is Infosys delivering value to customers through Startup Collaboration?


Our ability to orchestrate several startups across emerging technologies like AI, Cybersecurity, Automation, Data Management, AR/ VR, Blockchain and IOT is helping us address innovation needs across client priority areas.

We partner with both early and mid-stage startups that align with Horizon 3 Technologies, and through our graduation framework are able to provide clients with a niche curated set of startups to address key business challenges. We also leverage our partner ecosystem comprising of universities, VCs, incubators & government bodies to aid our clients in effectively identifying the right startups.

Infosys Innovation Network (IIN) helps startups scale and be enterprise-ready by establishing guidance in areas like data privacy, cybersecurity, multi-cloud architecture, global delivery models, and more. We provide system integrator services, joint GTM, webinars and events for startup solutions which are then rolled out globally by leveraging Infosys’ delivery model and international presence. Additionally, integration of startup solutions to broader Infosys platforms creates a larger value proposition for clients.

From a client perspective, this enterprization of startups and Infosys’ global delivery model provides a de-risked and assured implementation of startup solutions. Our shared infrastructure proposition provides a cloud-enabled marketplace for startup solutions with the necessary enterprise functionalities where clients can quickly experiment, find the right startup solutions for their business and then seamlessly integrate them to their enterprise.


Challenges & Solutions

By leveraging our Global Innovation Ecosystem of universities, VCs, incubators & government bodies, IIN identifies niche startups from across the globe. These startups are Infosys-scaled, certified & enterprise-ready to meet the organizational need, and provide clients with the means to consume a continuous stream of new ideas, technology and offerings.

Listening Post-As-a-Service provides clients with key technological trends, innovative startups, and assessment frameworks for their business specific problems/opportunities. It brings together the holistic capabilities of trends research, emerging tech incubation, startups & university networks, and our understanding of client businesses to provide startup recommendations.

By working with clients to build associated IPs & Services around startup products, implementing solutions, rolling it out, and further providing ongoing support to the client, Infosys de-risks working with startups.