With the world on the cusp of a new era of computing, problems that were well beyond the scope of classical computers will soon be solved with Quantum Computers. Recent developments in this area have prompted experts across industries to predict a disruptive impact on businesses. Quantum Computing is set to change the world, and has now become a priority for enterprises that are constantly innovating to meet the demand of the future.

Infosys proudly launches ‘Infosys Quantum Living Labs’ for all its clients across industries who would like to explore the ‘art-of-the-possible’ through quantum computing.

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How is Infosys making strides with Quantum Computing?


Quantum Computing is paving the way for organizations to look at their business operations from a fresh perspective. Infosys is actively creating mindshare about Quantum Computing & its relevance across industries. We are focused on being a differentiator for our clients, and are exploring multiple uses cases in the Quantum space. Our Quantum Computing Ecosystem spans across top global universities, and acts as the perfect springboard to propel enterprises to develop Quantum readiness capabilities. With Quantum Computing Living Labs, Infosys is also pursuing Quantum-era Cybersecurity and is partnering with multiple startups in this regard.


Challenges & Solutions

In this early phase, enterprises need to identify frameworks & use cases, eliminate the lack of clarity with regard to Quantum applications, narrow down on the most-apt technology solutions, gain access to experts & skilled developers in the quantum space, experiment & innovate. By doing so, Infosys helps them to prepare for the paradigm shift and transition smoothly into this new era.

Infosys has partnered with major corporations, key startups and top research universities across the globe, for collaborative work, and to drive innovation in the ever-evolving Quantum Computing space.

By analyzing trends in the Quantum space, and identifying potential use cases across domains & industries, Infosys enables clients to identify relevant opportunities. We see major applications for Quantum Computing solutions in Logistics, Cybersecurity, High Tech, Manufacturing, BFSI, Healthcare and more.