Despite the transformative power of technology, many individuals with disabilities face barriers to accessing its full potential. Guidelines and regulations exist, but understanding the true user experience remains a challenge.

Imagine a world where technology empowers everyone, regardless of ability. That's the promise of digital accessibility ensuring electronic information is usable by everyone, including people with disabilities. However, achieving this requires more than just guidelines and laws. It requires empathy, understanding, and responsive actions from our end.

The Infosys Accessibility Living Labs addresses this gap by providing a hands-on experience center for stakeholders and developers to experience digital accessibility firsthand. Through simulated interactions and real-world scenarios, the lab fosters empathy and awareness of accessibility challenges faced by diverse users and facilitates the exploration and creation of digitally accessible solutions.

The lab aims to create a space for audiences to experience how individuals with various abilities interact with technology and online services. This initiative contributes to Infosys' ESG goals and Tech for Good initiatives in education, healthcare, and governance.

This provides a unique opportunity for users to:

Gain awareness

Gain awareness: Most people are unfamiliar with accessibility technologies and software, often unintentionally introducing barriers. The lab helps bridge this knowledge gap.

Emphasize user-centric design

Emphasize user-centric design: By exposing users to the diverse range of assistive technologies employed by individuals with disabilities, the lab promotes inclusive design practices.

Identify accessibility barriers

Identify accessibility barriers: Users can perform basic checks to identify and address potential accessibility issues on their websites.

Access readily available resources

Access readily available resources: The lab eliminates the need for individual teams to acquire expensive equipment, facilitating smoother accessibility implementation.

Accessibility solutions for businesses

Accessibility solutions for businesses: It is a comprehensive digital accessible solution designed to empower businesses with the tools and knowledge to create truly inclusive digital experiences.

Through this innovative offering, Infosys demonstrates its commitment to building a more inclusive digital world for all. Enable the creation of digitally accessible solutions facilitating an inclusive world for everyone.

The World of Accessibility includes:

Awareness Programs

Educating organizations, corporations, and policymakers about accessibility and its benefits.

Quality Training

Offering online and instructor-led courses on web and document accessibility.

Engaging People with Disabilities

Providing long-term job opportunities through unique workshops on Software Testing and Accessibility Testing.

Accessibility Testing Services

We provide W3C driven accessibility compliance audits, consulting and training services, deploying Trusted Tester certified talents.

Infosys Accessibility Living Labs

A unique learning space to experience the challenges faced by people with disabilities firsthand and explore the creation of digitally accessible solutions.

Infosys Accessibility Platform offering

AI-powered end-to-end accessibility solution offering across the life cycle stages matching international standards ideated, developed, and owned by Infosys.

Together, let's create a world where everyone has equal access to the digital landscape.


Break Technological Barriers for Social Inclusion

Break Technological Barriers for Social Inclusion

  • Empower organizations to comply with accessibility regulations.
  • Tap into the huge market for accessible solutions.
  • Increase brand value and social responsibility.
  • Create a more inclusive digital world for everyone.
Build Empathy and Awareness

Build Empathy and Awareness

  • Provide firsthand experience of digital accessibility challenges.
  • Educate stakeholders and developers on inclusive design practices.
  • Promote understanding of assistive technologies.
Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

  • Offer accessible online and instructor-led training programs.
  • Provide resources and best practices for accessibility implementation.
  • Reduce the need for individual teams to purchase expensive equipment.

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Accessibility Living Labs includes:

  • Accessibility Simulation in Living Labs: Allows users to experience firsthand how people with disabilities interact with technology, fostering empathy and understanding and the creation of accessible solutions.
  • Quality Training Programs: Educate stakeholders and developers on inclusive design practices and assistive technologies.

  • Resources and Best Practices: Dispels myths and highlights successful examples of accessible design and cost-effective solutions.
  • Trainings: Offers online and instructor-led training, reducing the need for expensive equipment purchases.

  • Certified Accessibility Specialists: Provide guidance and support throughout the accessibility journey.
  • Partnerships: Collaborates with organizations to build their internal accessibility capabilities.
  • Infosys Accessibility Platform: End-to-end accessibility solution across life cycle stages matching international standards

  • Accessibility Testing Services: Employs people with disabilities to provide valuable feedback on accessibility issues.
  • Training Programs for People with Disabilities: Empowers individuals to pursue careers in accessibility testing and software development.