The evolution of digital technology is transforming the way humans interact with computers. Sensing everything by leveraging IoT, analyzing & visualizing large amounts of data and building immersive experiences using AR-VR is completely transforming human-computer interfaces to deliver a more immersive and natural user experience

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Leveraging convergence of technologies to build Immersive Experiences

Sense and Visualize

Sense and Visualize CoE is focused on developing capabilities in various IoT Technologies such as RFID, Beacon, and IoT platforms like Azure IoT, GE Predix. This CoE is also focused on creating interactive visualizations using open source technologies and also developing personalized video solutions.

Key offerings include the Infosys Context Sensing Platform which includes sensing of locations (both indoor and outdoor) and sensing of health and fitment data based wearable devices such as FitBit, Apple Watch, etc., Infosys Personalized Video (PSV) Platform, Infosys Data Visualization Tool (iDVT), Integrated reporting solution - BIVantage and various vertical solutions such as Digital Oil Field, etc.


Infosys Chatbot

Infosys Chatbot is a conversation UI platform based on Cognitive technologies. This platform provides out-of-the box features for developing Chatbots and deploying on preferred channel like Mobile App, Web-app, LYNC, Facebook etc.


Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience CoE is focused on developing offerings based on AR/VR and MR technologies. This CoE has built competencies in 3D Modeling, Apple ARKit, Android ARCORE, VForia and Unity.

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