Personalizing content for your organizational campaigns has become the need of the hour. What elevates your enterprise above the rest is how fast you can curate personalized videos and reach out to an audience, no matter how large. Imagine the possibilities or opportunities you can generate by tailoring information which is different for each individual, customized for each enterprise and most importantly relevant and real-time for your end user.

How Infosys delivers value to its customers in the area of personalizing videos

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We, at Infosys, offer the Infosys Personalized Smart Video (PSV) solution, a highly scalable real-time video personalization platform which leverages dynamic text, images, charts and call-to-action buttons to transform a generic video message into a highly intuitive and personalized video communication. This platform provides a dynamic way to create content-rich interactive videos that contextualize the customer's information.

Challenges & Solutions

PSV follows a template-based approach which provides a novel way to embed dynamic content on video. This nullifies the time constraints required for personalizing videos and curates content-rich media in minutes.

PSV enables real-time personalization and seamless data integration with no technical expertise or training requirements. By allowing enterprises to assemble lean-in personalized storytelling videos that are relevant to their end customers, it redefines the engagement experience.

PSV is a light weight, client based solution which does not require any backend or database. It is easily deployable irrespective of architecture and operating system which helps cut down on setup time and storage infrastructure.