Transformation programs bring change to organizations in terms of resource, process, and technology utilization that can help achieve organizational goals. 84% of transformation programs fail to realize their full potential value and fail to achieve the program objectives.

Infosys Value Management (IVM) follows 6 guiding principles and is based on a future-proof AI-powered platform and our proprietary Organizational Performance Quotient (OPQ) framework, which helps flip the odds of failure and drive long-term value creation for all types of transformation.

Infosys Value Management’s 3 Types of Transformation

Tech-enabled transformation

Tech-enabled transformation

  • ERP transformation
  • CRM transformation
  • Cloud-first transformation
  • AI transformation
Enterprise-wide performance transformation

Enterprise-wide performance transformation

  • Business transformation
  • Growth strategy
  • Business turnaround
  • Restructuring
Strategic transformation

Strategic transformation

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Long term value creation

OPQ, as a core of IVM, measures, benchmarks, and tracks organizational metrics that drive long-term value creation. It also evaluates cross-organization performance maturity across five dimensions – business, customer, operation, brand & synergy and benchmarks every dimension's related KPI with peers. It then highlights these KPIs and areas where initiatives can be prioritized by calculating business impact.

Infosys Value Management (IVM) is based on a future-proof AI-powered platform and proprietary Organizational Performance Quotient


How does Infosys Value Management work?

  1. Identify value: Infosys Value Management helps clients identify their potential for transformation through tailored maturity & benchmarking assessments. It provides an AI-based initiative intelligence to identify and prioritize initiatives to achieve sustainable performance objectives.
  2. Design value: Infosys Value Management promises to walk together with an organization from “strategy to execution”. It provides a way to understand the risks associated with the initiatives to arrange enough time for mitigation planning along with a KANBAN board to pursue the progress of these initiatives.
  3. Realize value: Throughout the program, Infosys Value Management analyzes the digital twin of processes and provides monthly value reports. It provides initiatives for course correction and recommendations to drive change management. Our steering committee reviews the progress of value realization.

Challenges & Solutions

IVM can help clients identify their potential for transformation. It provides a well-defined roadmap that helps organizations get a clear view of the path to success and helps them to implement the transformation by delivering an end-to-end transformation program.

Lack of executive sponsorship, poor change management, and improper measurement of metrics remain the major roadblocks behind underperforming transformations. IVM provides a unified platform that helps benchmark, prioritize and track initiatives, to ensure transformations reach their intended goal. Discovery of the opportunities of change supported by the integrated initiative intelligence helps in value creation in a shorter than expected timeframe.

Lack of understanding of the business impact from the initiatives limits their prioritization and thus fail to create maximum value in shorter time period. IVM benchmarks the metrics of underperforming dimensions against industry and regional peers. The insights are translated into initiatives which are then prioritized based on calculated business impact that leverages standard value levers.