Infosys Centre of Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS) incubated Infosys Chatbot Platform, which can be used to provide on-demand access to enterprise knowledge for customers by interfacing with the enterprise knowledge repository and to automate actions through the conversational interface – voice or chat.

How Infosys delivers value to its customers in the area of Chatbots

Infosys Chatbot Platform provides a framework for enterprises to rapidly create and deploy conversational interfaces in production. It understands natural language, responds accurately to user queries, and is easy to deploy on a wide variety of messaging platforms, mobile apps, wearable devices, smart speakers (such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home), and on web interfaces.

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Chatbot Platform can provide 24/7 highly personalized support through natural language interaction in channels customers are familiar with. Interfaces with backend automation systems allow the triggering of automation workflows to resolve underlying issues.

Infosys Chatbot Platform, when integrated with a knowledge model created by extracting information from documents, can allow end-users to query and retrieve information on-demand, using natural language.

Enterprises can significantly cut down the time taken to extract information through systems of record (SOR). A conversational interface built on top of an insights engine will greatly simplify access by providing a natural interaction. Powerful implementations are possible through a combination of the above attributes.