Gamification techniques strive to leverage people's natural desires for competition, achievement, status, altruism, community collaboration, and many more. Businesses can use gamification to drive desired user behaviors that are advantageous to their brand. One common technique of gamification is to increase engagement by rewarding users who accomplish desired tasks. Rewards such as badges and points are used to elevate status by showcasing the talents, expertise, and accomplishments of users. Competition is another technique that can be used in gamification. The desire to appear on the leaderboard drives players to complete more tasks, in turn fueling deeper engagement.

How Infosys delivers value to its customers in the area of Gamification

The Infosys Centre for Emerging Technology Solutions has developed the Infosys Enterprise Gamification Platform (iEGP), with which gamification can be implemented rapidly for any enterprise scenario, be it customer, employee or partner. Some of the business scenarios include customer sales, support and enterprise knowledge management.

Challenges & Solutions

Teens of today are loaded with choices, short spans of attention, enjoyment of competitive sports and comfort with a new generation of experiences from Google and Apple. Enterprises have the challenge of engaging them while they provide huge business clientele.

iEGP led gamification techniques resonate well with teens because of game-based experiences, incentive mechanisms, and quick short bursts of success. It has been successfully used to improve teen driving behaviors, money saving habits and other types of challenges.

Most of the times these business processes exhibit attributes of high employee attrition, lack of spirit and enthusiasm.

iEGP led gamification techniques help imbibe fun, loyalty and achievements to revitalize these experiences for improved productivity and engagement.

On the job learning, learning through community experiences, co-learning and working together to achieve common goals are some of the silent attributes of new sales engagement experiences.

iEGP led Gamification helps build these experiences for your sales, advisor community to improve sales effectiveness.