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Ahead in the Cloud Podcast

  • Ahead in the Cloud: Cloud, Technology and Leadership with Debbie Taylor

    December 13, 2021
  • Debbie Taylor, Chief Information Officer at NBN Australia discusses how NBN is bridging the digital divide in Australia. The discussion also covers Debbie’s leadership story and NBN’s journey to cloud.

    Hosted by Chad Watt, researcher and writer with the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “We see the public cloud as a key enabler for us allowing our technology teams to take advantage of the agility, the scalability that cloud offers. It leads to many benefits that we've seen improved delivery timeframes.”

    “Cloud capability has absolutely been a game changer for us.”

    “I would say just because everyone is talking about moving to the cloud and cloud first, have a clear reason why you're moving to the cloud and what success looks like for you in your particular circumstances.”

    “Just because you've moved something into the cloud and you think you've optimized it, it doesn't stop there because the technology keeps improving and shifting. And so you need to stay current with what the technology is offering and don't rely on what's happened in the past.”

    - Debbie Taylor


  • Before NBN rollout started, most areas of Australia that could get anything resembling for band were on a DSL, an average of eight megabits per second. Vast portions of regional, rural, and particularly remote Australia had virtually no internet at all.
  • NBN has already connected 17 million or over 70% of all Australians on high-speed broadband.
  • NBN has adopted a hybrid model to their cloud using both public and private.
  • Standardization has simplified NBN’s developer and operations experience. Their next steps will be to look at self-service capability. So they can really reduce the time to set up new environments.
  • Levereging cloud-based technology helped NBN in the early phases of COVID. Because they have offshore people working and they were then working from home. So having cloud technologies enabled NBN to really support the services that they provided in a very quick and very seamless way. So that's another way that they support their customers and their retailers.
  • Moving to cloud requires a different way of thinking. And you need to think about that upfront.
  • Companies need to leverage the experience of their partners and cloud providers to learn new things.
  • Firms need to think strategically about what to move to cloud. They need to have clear guidelines and policies around that.
  • Organizations that are at the early stages of their cloud journey need to be strategic and take a long-term view, understand their company strategy and align their cloud strategy to where the company is heading. They need to think about their specific circumstances and the uniqueness of their company.
  • Cloud is such an exciting space. It has incredible potential for organizations, and it is continually uplifting, providing more and more benefits. It is important to stay current with what's going on. So companies can maximize the value that they get from the cloud.

Show Notes

  • 00:30

    Debbie explains how NBN is bridging the digital divide in Australia.

  • 03:27

    Debbie takes us through her journey to becoming CIO at NBN.

  • 06:26

    A woman in a technology organization, when she goes into that meeting, how does she avoid or deflect being the note taker? She's not the secretary. She's not the note taker. She's not the coffee getter. How do you advise her to make that happen?

  • 07:38

    Where is NBN on its own cloud journey? We've talked about your broadband journey. Now tell me about the organization and how you guys are putting cloud to work.

  • 11:26

    Debbie talks about the expectations of NBN’s customers.

  • 13:19

    Are there some kind of common pitfalls you can identify that companies should try to avoid when they're moving there?

  • 15:45

    Is there something you shouldn't shift to the cloud?

  • 17:26

    If you had to give some advice for an organization that's at the early stages of their cloud journey, where should they start?

About Debbie Taylor

Chief Information Officer at NBN Australia

Rajeev Nayar

Chief Information Officer (CIO) with extensive experience in successfully leading, transforming and managing technology teams. Career highlights include developing and executing on key IT related company strategies across multiple organisations with a focus on leveraging the latest technology trends such as cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and APIs to create business value.

Drove an uplift in IT delivery capacity in one organisation by greater than 66% enabling the organisation to meet its business outcomes, while at the same time increasing employee engagement and internal customer satisfaction. Successfully transitioned an IT delivery team of 1,600+ personnel from traditional waterfall methodology to scaled agile practices resulting in quicker value creation with increased quality.

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