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The Digital Accessibility Journey: Exploring Priorities and Investments in Aus and NZ organisations

What’s holding us back?

This report uncovers some of the digital accessibility barriers faced by Australia and New Zealand organisations. Interestingly, most barriers are not related to lack of priority or sponsorship from leaders but other areas including a lack of clear objectives, dedicated budget and of in-house expertise.

  • Budgetary constraints appear to be a significantly greater challenge amongst Health and Welfare and Public Service organisations.
  • Interestingly, a lack of awareness of the needs of people with disability is significantly less of a barrier for privately-owned companies.
  • A perceived lack of relevance to the organisation is more of a barrier amongst IT and Telecom
What’s holding us back? View accessible version of the infographic.

For a third of respondents, there are simply “more pressing initiatives at hand.” Other reasons include a lack of budget or resources, lack of awareness about benefits, and lack of awareness about the needs of people with disability.

Access Advisors’ New Zealand Managing Director, Dr Chandra Harrison said “Businesses need to recognise they’re effectively cutting off a quarter of the population by not embedding accessibility in all their digital platforms. They are also missing out on potential revenue, improved reputation, improved usability and reduced costs."